Learn SSRS in 28 Days

SQL Server Reporting Services, shortly called as SSRS is one of a trending reporting tool in the market. Although it is the most powerful reporting tool, you can quickly learn SSRS in 28 days (Maximum).

Prerequisite: You cannot learn SSRS by merely reading this blog. You have to practice every chart or report by yourself. If you practice multiple times, you can master this reporting tool. So first, Download and install BIDS, or SQL Data Tools. Next, Download and attach the AdventureWorks and AdventureWorksDW database.

How to Learn SSRS in 28 Days!

SSRS is all about Data Sources, Datasets, and Reports. This article shows you how to learn SSRS step by step.

Learn SSRS Data Sources, and Datasets

The first day, Learn everything about the Data Sources and Datasets.

  1. New Project
  2. New Report
  3. Shared Data Source
  4. Shared Dataset
  5. Embedded Data Source
  6. Embedded Dataset
  7. Combine Two Datasets

Learn SSRS Basic Reports

The next two days concentrate on creating Basic Reports.

  1. Table Report
  2. Matrix Report
  3. Create a Report using SQL Views
  4. Create a Report using SQL Stored Procedure
  5. Display Image in Report
  6. Add Text Box to Report
  7. Rectangle in a Report
  8. List Report

Learn SSRS Report Formatting

Learn about the formatting options in the next four days.

  1. Grouping in Table Report
  2. Row Groups & Column Groups in Matrix Report
  3. Add Totals, and Subtotals to Reports
  4. Add, Or Remove Headers and Footers on Reports
  5. Global Variables to Report
  6. Export Reports to PDF, XML, Excel, Word
  7. Format Table Report
  8. Change Font and Background Color of a Text Box
  9. Format Numbers in a Text Box
  10. Format Date and Time in a Report
  11. Repeat Headers on Each Page
  12. Headers Visible While Scrolling
  13. Filters at Tablix Level
  14. Filters at Dataset Level
  15. Sorting Data at Tablix Level
  16. Interactive Sorting
  17. Add Alternative Row Color to Report
  18. Add Row Numbers to Report

Learn SSRS Charts

Next, eight days is all about Charts. I don’t think; you need seven days to understand the charts.

By the 16th day, you know everything about Data Sources, Datasets, Basic Reports, and Charts.

Learn SSRS Advanced Reports

From 16th to 21st, concentrate on Advanced reports, and Parameter reports.

Learn SQL Server Report Manager & Deployment

Spend the next five days (22 to 26) to learn SSRS Report Manager and about the deployment process.

  1. SQL Server Reporting Services Configuration Manager
  2. Change Report Manager Title
  3. Deploy Reports using BIDS
  4. Deploy Reports using Report Manager
  5. Create Shared Data Source in Report Manager
  6. Cached Reports
  7. Linked Reports
  8. Report Parts
  9. Report Snapshot
  10. SQL Report History Snapshots
  11. Security
  12. Subscriptions
  13. Upload Text, PDF, and Image to Report Manager

Learn SSRS Report Builder

Use those extra two days to learn SSRS Report Builder.

  1. Install Report Builder 3.0
  2. Create a New Dataset using Report Builder
  3. New Table, or Matrix Report using Wizard
  4. Table Report Without Wizard
  5. Pie Chart using Wizard
  6. Bar Chart without a Wizard