Data Bars in SSRS

In this article, we will show you how to create and configure the Data Bars in SSRS. For this, We are going to use the below shown report.

Please refer to the Table ReportData Source, and Dataset articles to understand the creation of SSRS Data Source, Dataset, and Table report. If you observe the below screenshot, it was a standard Table report with State Name and Sales Amount columns.

Table Report 1

SQL Command we used as the Dataset for this SSRS Data bars report is:

-- SQL Select Statement for SSRS Data Bars
SELECT Geo.EnglishCountryRegionName AS Country, 
       Geo.StateProvinceName AS State, 
       SUM(Cust.YearlyIncome) AS YearlyIncome, 
       SUM(Fact.SalesAmount) AS SalesAmount
FROM DimCustomer AS Cust 
       FactInternetSales AS Fact ON 
  Cust.CustomerKey = Fact.CustomerKey 
        DimGeography AS Geo ON 
  Cust.GeographyKey = Geo.GeographyKey
GROUP BY Geo.EnglishCountryRegionName, 
ORDER BY Country

Create Data Bars in SSRS

In this example, We will create and add the SSRS Data Bars on the right-hand side of the Sales Amount. First, let us create an Empty column by right-clicking on the Sales Amount column, selecting the Insert Column option, and then selecting the right option, as shown below.

Create Data Bar 2

Now, Drag and drop the Data Bars from Toolbox to the Empty column. When you drag the Data Bars to an Empty column, a new window called Select Data Bar Type will open. Use this to select the required Data Bar or Data Column from the available ones. In this SSRS example, we are selecting Simple Data Bar.

Select Data Bar Type 3

Click Ok to add Data Bars to a newly created empty cell.

Data Bar with Dummy Info 4

Now, we have to configure the values of Data Bars in the SSRS Report. First, click on the blue bar from the below screenshot will open the Chart Data window.

Add Column to Data Bar Chart 5

In this example, we want to show the Sales Amount in Data Bars. So, please drag and drop or select the Sales Amount as the Chart Value.

Add Numeric Column to Values 6

Click on the Preview button to see the SSRS data bars report preview.

Data Bar Preview 7

If you observe the above screenshot, It is providing a perfect result. However, we cannot identify the value represented by the SSRS Data Bar (Sales Amount in each state). To resolve these situations, We have to use Data Labels.

First, Right-click the Blue bars and select the Show Data Labels option from the context menu to show the values.

Show Data Bar Labels 8

Now, Let us format the Numbers produced by the Databar Data labels. First, right-click on the value will open the context menu. Please select the Series Label Properties.. option from it.

Data Bar Series Label Properties 9

Once you click the Series Label Properties.. option, a new window will be opened to format the series labels. Here, we change the numbers to currency and remove the decimal values.

Format Data Bar Label Numbers 10

Click Ok to finish formatting the SSRS data bar Data Labels. Let’s click on the Preview tab to see the Report preview.

Data Bar Preview 11

We just used the Sorting at the Tablix level to sort the data by the Sales Amount in Descending Order. Let’s see the preview now.

SSRS Data Bars 12

TIP: Please refer to Data Bars in Matrix Reports to understand the configuration of Data Bars in Matrix Reports.