C Programming Language

C Programming Tutorial : C is a Unix operating system by-product, and this language is a popular and widely used Programming language. From the beginning, the C Programming language has been used for operating systems, micro-controllers, applications, and graphics. In recent days, it has been a trendy language in Automation.

The influence of C in current or modern Programming languages is very prominent. We can clearly say it has a massive influence on C++, C#, Java, and Perl, and CPP is an extension to it. All the Computer science students can use this tutorial to learn c programming language along with data structures.

C Basic Programming concepts

The C Programming language is structural and procedural. Although this high-level language was designed for system applications, it has proved that it is powerful and flexible enough to use in business applications.

  2. Escape Sequence

C Programming Operators Tutorial

Operators are nothing but the symbols used to perform some operations on the given values or operands. Some operators are used for numeric calculations, and some to check the relations, etc. The following are the list of operators available in the C Programming Language to learn.

  1. Operators Introduction
  2. Arithmetic Operators
  3. Relational Operators
  4. Logical Operators
  5. Assignment Operators
  6. Increment & Decrement Operators
  7. Conditional Operator
  8. Bitwise Operators
  9. Sizeof Operator

C Decision Making Statements

Generally, the compiler will execute the programs in the order we write in our program. But there are some situations where we have to run the statements based on the condition.

For that, we can use the following control statements. Apart from this, we might get into a situation where we have to execute some statements repeatedly. For this, you can use the loops.

  1. If Statement
  2. If Else Statement
  3. Else If Statement
  4. Nested If Statement
  5. Break Statement
  6. Continue Statement
  7. Goto Statement
  8. Switch Statement

Learn C Programming Loops tutorial

A loop is an indication for a compiler to execute a block of statements repeatedly. In C Programming, we have three loops for, while, and do while loops. Every loop has an expression or condition and based on the result, the compiler will either execute the code block or exit from the loop.

  1. While Loop
  2. Do While Loop
  3. For Loop


Arrays are a collection of values with the same data type. It supports one-dimensional arrays, and two and multi-dimensional arrays.

  1. String
  2. One Dimensional Array
  3. Two Dimensional Arrays
  4. Multi-Dimensional Arrays

C programming tutorial on Structures

  1. Structure Introduction
  2. Nested Structures
  3. Structures and Functions
  4. Array of Structures
  5. Union
  6. Difference between Structure and Union


  1. Pointer Introduction
  2. Passing Pointers as Function Arguments


The following are the list of functions that support the Files operations. You can use them to perform the required file operation.

  1. Gets
  2. fputc – Write Character to File
  3. fputs – Write String Data to File
  4. fgetc – Read Character from File
  5. fgets – Read String Data from File

C programming tutorial on Functions

Using Functions in C Programming, we can split or divide a program into small groups because each function has its own definition, declaration, logic, and return statements. Apart from this, Functions help you to hide the code or algorithm details used within it. This section of the C programming tutorial covers the functions introduction, types, and recursive functions to learn.

  1. Function
  2. Passing Parameters to the Function
  3. Pass Array to the function
  4. Pass Pointers to Functions
  5. Types of User Defined Functions
  6. Recursion

ctype Library Functions

A guide to the standard library functions is available in the ctype header file, with examples and screenshots.

C string functions

The Introduction to string functions article shows the list of String functions available in the string library. You have to use or include the string.h header file to use these string functions inside your program.

C Programming Math Functions Tutorial

The following tutorial section shows the list of Available Mathematical functions. Please use the math.h header file to use these math functions inside a program. We incorporated all of them in the math functions article.

C Programming Examples

  1. Programs

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