Logical Operators in C

The Logical operators in C are used to combine two or more conditions. And perform the logical operations using && (AND), || (OR) and ! (NOT)

The Relational operators are used to compare two variables; what if we want to compare more than one condition? Very simple, logical operators in C will do the trick for you.

The below table shows the list of Logical Operators in C with examples.

&&ANDIt returns true when both conditions are trueIf (age > 18 && age <=35)
||ORIt returns true when at least one of the conditions is trueIf (age > 35 || age < 60)
!NOTIf the condition is true, the logical NOT operator makes it falseIf age = 18 then !( age = 18) returns false.

Let us see the truth tables behind the logical operators in this Programming to understand Operators better.

&& AND Logical Operator in C

Condition 1Condition 2Condition 1 && Condition 2

|| (OR Operator) Truth Table

Condition 1Condition 2Condition 1 || Condition 2

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