R Programming Tutorial

In this R Programming Tutorial, we explain everything about linear and nonlinear modeling, data analysis, and time-series analysis to a great extent. Its easy coding, wide number of packages, and Free software are making data scientists crazy about R programming language.

R is a programming language that provides a software environment for graphics, statistical computing, data sciences, and machine learning. R Programming provides a wide variety of graphical techniques, and we will explain most of them in this tutorial.

Introduction to R Programming Tutorial

  1. Software Download
  2. Install Software
  3. Download and Install RStudio
  4. Install R packages

R Operators

  1. Arithmetic Operators
  2. Comparison Operators
  3. Logical Operators

R Decision Making & Loops

Loops help execute a fixed number of lines for a number of times. The control structures allow us to control the execution flow of a series of statements or expressions. Based on the condition or input, control structures will respond by executing the expressions.

The following R programming tutorial explains the loops and the decision-making statements with a practical example.

  1. If Else Statement
  2. Else If Statement
  3. Switch Statement
  4. Break Statement
  5. Next Statement
  6. While Loop
  7. For Loop
  8. Repeat Loop

R Programming Objects

R tutorials about objects because this Programming always works with objects. The following list is the available objects in R programming to work with data.

  1. Vectors
  2. R Matrix
  3. Arrays
  4. Lists
  5. Data Frame

Learn R Data Sources

  1. Read Data from SQL Server
  2. Read Data from CSV File
  3. Import Data From Text File using read.table

R Charts & Graphs

This section of the R programming tutorial explains the graphs and charts available to visualize data.

  1. R Bar Chart
  2. R Stacked & Clustered Bar Chart
  3. Pie Chart in R
  4. R Scatter Plot
  5. R Histogram
  6. Boxplot in R
  7. R Stem and Leaf Plot
  8. R Mosaic Plot

Learn R ggplot2

  1. ggplot2 Boxplot
  2. ggplot2 Density Plot
  3. ggplot2 Dot Plot
  4. ggplot2 Histogram
  5. ggplot2 Jitter
  6. ggplot2 Line Plot
  7. ggplot2 Scatter Plot
  8. ggplot2 Violin Plot
  9. Save ggplot


  1. Lattice Histogram
  2. Lattice Scatter Plot
  3. Lattice Bar Chart

Learn about R Functions

  1. Introduction to Functions
  2. Recursive Functions

Learn R Math Functions

  1. abs
  2. sqrt
  3. ceiling
  4. floor
  5. round

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