MySQL Tutorial

This MySQL Tutorial explains everything about MySQL Server which includes Database creation, modification, and delete database and tables. DML, DDL statements, Built-in functions etc.

  1. How to Download MySQL
  2. Install MySQL on Windows
  3. MySQL Create Database
  4. MySQL Drop Database
  5. MySQL Create Table
  6. MySQL Drop Table
  7. MySQL Select Statement
  8. MySQL Where Clause
  9. Alias Names
  10. Group By Clause
  11. Having Clause
  12. Order By Clause
  13. Limit
  14. Insert Statement
  15. Delete Command
  16. Select Distinct Statement
  17. Truncate Table

MySQL Operators

  1. Arithmetic Operators
  2. AND
  3. NOT
  4. OR
  5. XOR
  6. Between
  7. Not Between
  9. LEAST
  10. LIKE
  11. NOT LIKE
  12. Coalesce
  13. IFNULL
  14. NULLIF
  15. Interval
  16. IN
  17. IS
  18. NOT IN
  19. IS NULL

Learn MySQL Joins

  1. Inner Join
  2. Left Join
  3. Right Join
  4. Cross Join

Aggregate Functions

This MySQL tutorial section covers the list of available aggregate functions with practical examples. Please refer to MySQL Aggregate Functions

MySQL Date Functions

This section of MySQL tutorial covers the list of Date functions with an example of each. Refer to Date Functions introduction to understand everything about these functions.

MySQL tutorial on String Functions

Use this section to learn mysql String functions that are available. Please refer String functions article to get the introduction, and definitions of each and every function.

MySQL tutorial on Numeric Functions

This section of MySQL tutorial explains you the list of Mathematical and Trigonometric functions.