How to Download MySQL

In this article, we will show you, From where or How to download MySQL Server with screenshots. The following are the steps involved in it.

Download MySQL for Windows

To download MySQL Server, first Go to the official website by clicking this link Page. Next, If you or your organization had an Enterprise Edition license, then download the enterprise edition. It will ask you for the Oracle sigh in credentials, and then you have to save it.

Go to Official Webpage 1

In this case, we are downloading MySQL Community Edition for windows because it is free. Please click on the Community (GPL) Downloads hyperlink.

Choose or Click Community GPL 2

Within the next page, please select the MySQL Community Server.

How to Download MySQL 3

Selecting the Community Server will navigate you to the below page

How to Download MySQL 4

Scroll down a bit to see the below screenshot. You can use the Dropdown box to select the Operating system.

Choose the Operating System 5

Use Select OS version drop-down box to select the version (32-bit, or 62-bit)

How to Download MySQL 6

For now, we are selecting All (both 32-bit, or 62-bit). Next, click on the Go to Download Page button, as we showed below.

How to Download MySQL 7

Below screenshot is the Download MySQL Installer page

How to Download MySQL 8

Please scroll down a bit to see the below screenshot. Here, you have two options:

  • It will download the MySQL basic installer, and then use the internet to copy the required files while you start installing the software.
  • The second option will save all the required files at the beginning. It does not require an internet connection to install the server. It is the best option
How to Download MySQL 9

For the community software, it will ask you to Login, or sign-up to the oracle site. You can avoid this by clicking the No thanks, just start

How to Download MySQL 10

It will ask you whether you want to save the MSI file or not. Click the Save File button to download MySQL for windows.

How to Download MySQL 11