MySQL Create Database

How to Create Database in MySQL Server with example?. Here, we will use both command prompt and the Workbench.

MySQL Database is a storage location where you can store the business data. Every Database uses tables to store the information in a normalizes way. So, we can easily Insert, Select, Update, and Delete the business data. The MySQL command to create a new database is.

MySQL Create Database example

Before we start to create database in MySQL, Let us see the list of available databases. To get this information, you have to use the following command.


The below screenshot will show you the available dbs.

Available DBS from Command Prompt 1

The basic syntax for MySQL create Database is:


For the demonstration purpose, we are going to create database in MySQL called First_Database. So, Replace the Database_Name with First_Database, as shown below


From the below screenshot, you can observe that the MySQL command executed successfully.

View dbs from command prompt 2

Now, let me show you the available dbs. And you can see the first_database on the list

MySQL Create Database 3

MySQL Create Database using Workbench

Before we start, let me open the Workbench. From the below screenshot, you can see a list of the available ones under the Schemas pane.

Workbench GUI 4

MySQL Create Database using Query in Workbench

In this example, we create a new db called second_database.

CREATE DATABASE second_database;

Click on the Execute button to execute the command

MySQL Create Database 5

From the below screenshot, you can see the command executed successfully, and you can see the second_database under schemas

MySQL Create Database 6

Create DB using Wizard in Workbench

If you are unaware or not familiar with queries, use the MySQL Workbench to create a database. To do so, within the Menu, click on the Create a New Schema in the Connected Server button.

MySQL Create Database 7

Once you select the option, the following tab window will open. Please change the Name of the schema from new_schema to Third_Database

MySQL Create Database 8

You can use the Collation drop-down box to change the Server Default collation.

MySQL Create Database 9

Click the apply button to create a new schema or db.

TIP: We configured the MySQL to convert the schema names and table names to lowercase by default. Because we used the Third_Database as the schema, it is saying that it will convert the name to lowercase.

MySQL Create Database 10

Click Apply button

MySQL Create Database 11

Next, click the Finish button

Execute SQL Statement 12

Now, you can see the third_database under the schemas.

MySQL Create Database 13

TIP: If you didn’t find the newly created db in Workbench, Please click on the refresh button beside the Schemas

How to Check Database name exists or not?

Let us see what will happen when we create database in MySQL with an existing name. From the below screenshot, you can see it is throwing an error saying: Can’t create third_database.

CREATE DATABASE third_database;
Create DB with existing Name Error code 1007 14

NOTE: In an organization, we may or may not have the privileges to know the available dbs. So, it is always advisable to check whether the name already exists or not

If you have the privilege to see the available ones, then you can use the SHOW DATABASES command to see the list. If not, use the below option.

The following statement will only execute the Statement only if the third_database is not available in the system.

MySQL Create Database 16

Let me try a different name in this command

MySQL Create Database 15