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The SQL Server Query is the set of instructions used to interact with a relational database. This section of SQL Tutorial explains about the creating Databases, Tables. Next, inserting, updating, selecting data from tables using filters, sorting, etc.

Tableau is the smartest data visualization tool available in the market. With a simple drag and drop functionality, Tableau allows the users to design Charts, Maps, Tabular and Matrix reports, Stories, and Dashboards without any technical knowledge.

The C Programming language is structural and procedural. Although this high-level language was designed for system applications, C language has proved that it is powerful and flexible enough to use in business applications.

Power BI is one of the most popular Data Visualization tool, and a Business Intelligence Tool. This MS Power BI Tutorial helps you to learn data transformations, creating reports like charts, tables, matrix, maps, etc with screenshots.

SSIS ETL tool helps to build enterprise-level data transformation and data integration solutions. This SSIS tutorial covers all the topics on Connection Managers, Data Sources, Transformations, and Control Flow Tasks.

Python Programming language is an object-oriented language, which is powerful and the fastest growing language in the current situation. Python is very popular, probably because it’s easy to learn code, cross-platform support, and libraries that support Data Scientists to analyze and visualize data.