SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Tutorial

SSRS Tutorial : The Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, shortly called SSRS (or SQL Reporting Services), is a server-based reporting platform that creates an rdl file. SSRS provides various services and tools to design data-driven reports. With SSRS, you can create Charts, Maps, Sparklines, tabular, and Matrix reports from the Relational, XML, Excel, and Multidimensional sources.

To develop SSRS charts, or learn SSRS reporting tutorial, you need Visual Studio, SSRS report Builder or BIDS or Sql Data Tools software. So, to understand this SSRS tutorial, download and install BIDS.

Learn some basics on sql server, at least Select Statements. It helps you to understand this ssrs tutorial. Before you start practicing this ssrs tutorial, I suggest you download Adventure Works, and adventure works dw databases. Because these are the two databases that we use in this entire SQL Server Reporting Services or SSRS tutorial.

SSRS Data Sources Tutorial

The first step to designing an SSRS Report is to create a data source, which establishes a connection to the database. The second step is to create a dataset that includes queries to retrieve the data source’s actual data. Next, we have to visualize the data from the SSRS dataset by adding charts to the data region.

Please refer to install adventureworks article to install the Sql Server database. And refer to the install sql server data tools article to install the data Tools or business intelligence development studio or bids.

  1. Learn Reporting Services in 28 Days
  2. SSRS Tutorial on Query Designer
  3. Creating New Project
  4. Create a New Report
  5. Creating Shared Data Source
  6. Create Shared Dataset
  7. Creating Embedded Data Source
  8. Creating Embedded Dataset
  9. Combine Two Datasets

SQL Reporting Services Report Items

This section of the SSRS tutorial explains the list of available SQL report items and their usage inside a report.

  1. List of Report Items
  2. Create New Table Report
  3. Create Table using Report Wizard
  4. Creating a New Matrix
  5. Create Matrix Report Using Report Wizard
  6. Display Image in Report
  7. Add TextBox to Report
  8. Rectangle in a Report
  9. Create a List Report

SSRS Tutorial on Basic Reports

This SSRS tutorial section covers the basic reporting using the SQL reporting services.

  1. Add Grouping in Table Report
  2. Adding Row Groups & Column Groups to Matrix Report
  3. Create a Report using SQL Views
  4. Create a Report using SQL Stored Procedure
  5. Add Totals, and Subtotals to Reports
  6. Add, Or Remove Headers and Footers on Reports
  7. Global Variables to Report
  8. Export Reports to PDF, XML, Excel, Word

SSRS Tutorial on Basic Formatting

This SSRS tutorial section covers the basic formatting options

  1. Format Table Report
  2. Changing Font and Background Color of a Text Box
  3. Format Numbers in a Text Box
  4. Format Date and Time in a Report
  5. Repeat Headers on Each Page
  6. Headers Visible While Scrolling
  7. Filters at Tablix Level
  8. Filters at Dataset Level
  9. Sorting Data at Tablix Level
  10. Interactive Sorting
  11. Add Alternative Row Color to Report
  12. Add Row Numbers to Report

Advanced SSRS Reports Tutorial

This SSRS tutorial section covers the advanced topics.

  1. Add Custom Code inside a Report
  2. Calculated Fields
  3. Dashboards
  4. Document Map
  5. Drill Down Reports
  6. Drill Through Action
  7. Matrix Drill Down
  8. Go to URL Action
  9. Lookup
  10. Page Breaks
  11. Subreports

SSRS Parameters Tutorial

This section of the SSRS tutorial covers the Parameters and using them as the Report Filters. Report Parameters used to filter the report data as per the user sections or the parameter value.

Here, see how to accept the user inputs as the parameter value, assign default values, and multiple values as a parameter. The most important thing is creating a SSRS parameter whose value depends on another parameter. By following these five articles in this SSRS tutorial, you can understand all the above-said things.

  1. Report parameters
  2. Drop down list Parameters
  3. Multi-Valuee parameters
  4. Multiple Parameters
  5. Cascading Parameters

SSRS Charts Tutorial

The following are the list of charts available in SQL Reporting Services or SSRS Reporting services.

  1. SSRS tutorial on Charts Introduction
  2. Area Chart
  3. Bubble Chart
  4. Column Chart
  5. Formatting Column Chart
  6. Data Bars
  7. Creating Data Bars in Matrix Report
  8. Formatting Data Bars
  9. Funnel Chart
  10. Creating Radial Gauges
  11. Creating Linear Gauges
  12. Formatting Gauges
  13. Indicators
  14. Formatting Indicators
  15. Line Chart
  16. Pie Chart
  17. Formatting Pie Chart
  18. Pyramid Chart
  19. Radar Chart
  20. Range Chart
  21. Scatter Plot
  22. Sparklines
  23. Stacked Bar Chart

SSRS Report Manager Tutorial

This SSRS tutorial section covers the SQL Report Manager settings and its functionalities.

  1. SQL Server Reporting Services Configuration Manager
  2. Change Report Manager Title
  3. Deploying Reports using BIDS
  4. Deploy Reports using Report Manager
  5. Create Shared Data Source in Report Manager
  6. Cached Reports
  7. Linked Reports
  8. Report Parts
  9. Report Snapshot
  10. History Snapshots
  11. Security
  12. Subscriptions
  13. Upload Text, PDF, and Image to Report Manager

SSRS Report Builder Tutorial

This section of SSRS tutorial covers the report creation using report builders.

  1. Install Report Builder 3.0
  2. Create a New Dataset using Report Builder
  3. New Table, or Matrix Report using Wizard
  4. Create Table Without Wizard
  5. Pie Chart using Wizard
  6. Bar Chart without a Wizard

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