Create Shared Data Source in SSRS Report Manager

In this article, we will show you how to create Shared Data Source in the SSRS Report Manager.

Creating Shared Data Source in SSRS Report Manager

To do this, Please open your report manager. Next, click on the New Data Source button as shown in below screenshot

Click New Data Source tab 1

Once you click on the New Data Source button, the below screenshot will be displayed. Please refer Shared Data Source article to understand the below SSRS properties:

Provide Name and Description 2

The below screenshot will show you the SSRS shared Data Source Types supported by the Report Manager.

For instance, if your data source is SQL Server, then select Microsoft SQL Server or OLE DB. If your data source is Analysis Service, then select Analysis Services.

Choose the Data Source Type 3

Connection Properties: Here, we have to specify the Data Source (Provider), Server Name (or Instance Name), Login credentials, and Database Name.

Create Shared Data Source in SSRS Report Manager 4

Connect Using: Here, we have to mention the Credentials required to connect the Reports with the selected Database.

  • Credentials supplied by the user running the report: When the report is connecting to the data source, it will prompt the given text (Enter username and password to access the data source). If you checkmark, Use as Windows credentials when connecting to the data source option, then the reporting server passes the current user windows credentials to the external server. Otherwise, it will prompt for credentials.
  • Credentials stored securely in the report server: If you select this option, Please specify the username and password to log into the data source, and these credentials will store inside the report. This option is important for Report Subscriptions.
  • Windows Integrated Security: Pass the current user windows credentials to an external server to connect to the data source. For now, We are using this option.
  • Credentials are not required: Report will not use any credentials to connect with the data source. For instance, If we are accessing a file in the local file system, then we can select this option. However, try to avoid this option.

Once we finished configuring the Data Source, Click on the Test Connection button to check whether the connection is valid or not.

Create Shared Data Source in SSRS Report Manager 5

Click Ok to finish creating Shared data Source in SSRS Report Manager. Now, Please navigate to Data Source Folder and check for the newly created data source.

Create Shared Data Source in SSRS Report Manager 6

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