Document Map in SSRS

The Document Map in SSRS gives the navigation links in the preview of a report. The user can use those links to navigate between multiple pages or between reports.

Document Map in SSRS Example

In this example, we will show you how to create or Enable Document Map Labels in SSRS or SQL Server Reporting Services with an example.

For this SSRS Document Map demo, we are going to use the below-shown report. Please refer to the Grouping in Table Reports article to understand the Data Source and the grouping technique we used in this SSRS report.

Document Map in SSRS 1

SQL Code we used inside the Embedded Dataset is:

SELECT Territory.SalesTerritoryCountry AS Country,
       Prodcat.EnglishProductCategoryName AS [Product Category], 
       prodSubcat.EnglishProductSubcategoryName AS [Product SubCategory], 
       prod.EnglishProductName AS [ProductName], 
       SUM(fact.SalesAmount) AS Sales, 
       SUM(fact.TaxAmt) AS Tax
FROM dbo.DimProduct as prod 
    dbo.DimProductSubcategory AS prodSubcat ON 
     prod.ProductSubcategoryKey = prodSubcat.ProductSubcategoryKey 
    dbo.DimProductCategory AS Prodcat ON 
     prodSubcat.ProductCategoryKey = Prodcat.ProductCategoryKey 
    dbo.FactInternetSales AS fact ON 
     fact.ProductKey = prod.ProductKey 
    DimSalesTerritory AS Territory ON 
     fact.SalesTerritoryKey = Territory.SalesTerritoryKey
GROUP BY Territory.SalesTerritoryCountry,

In SSRS reporting services, We can enable the Document Map in three ways:

The first approach to Enable Document Map in SSRS

First, select the column and right-click on the column to open the context menu. From the context menu, Please select the Row Group option and then select the Group Properties.. option as shown below

Document Map in SSRS 2

The Second approach to Enable Document Map in SSRS

The second method, Go to Row Groups pane and right-click on the column name to open the context menu. Please select the Group Properties.. option from it

Document Map in SSRS 3

Once you selected the Group Properties.. option, a new window will be opened to configure the group properties.

Please navigate to Advanced Tab and select the column name under the Document map property. These column values will display as Document map output

Document Map in SSRS 4

Click Ok to finish configuring the SSRS Document Map Label property. Let us click the preview button to see the report preview

Document Map in SSRS 5

From the above screenshot, you can observe that the report preview is displaying a separate tab with countries list. If you click on any country name, the report server will navigate to that country name. For instance, the below screenshot is displaying the results of Germany.

Document Map in SSRS 6

Though we added a document map for countries list, we are unable to navigate this large report. Let’s add Product Category to the document map label as well

Document Map in SSRS 8

Now, if you observe the below screenshot, you can see the better navigations. It looks like a PDF file with an index on the left side

Document Map in SSRS 9

We used the above steps to Configure Document Map label property on our previously created Subreports also. Please refer to the SSRS Subreports article to understand the Subreport design and configurations.

Document Map in SSRS 10

Document Map in SSRS at Tablix level

In real-time, we may see multiple tables or multiple tablix will embed in a single report. If this is the case, it will be tough to navigate between two tables. In these situations, we can use the SSRS Document Map Property at the tablix level for better navigation.

For better understanding, We will show you one example. If you observe the below screenshot, we added one more table to the First example

Document Map in SSRS 11

First, Select the first table and go to the Tablix properties. Within the properties pane, Please select the DocumentMapLabel property and assign a unique name to it. From the below screenshot you can observe that We assigned Country Sale

SSRS Document Map Label 1

Next, select the second table and go to the Tablix properties. Within the properties pane, Please select the DocumentMapLabel property and assign a unique name to it. We assigned Product Sale

SSRS Document Map Label 2

Click the Preview tab to see the SSRS Document Map report Preview. If you observe the below screenshot, Report manager is displaying the Document map labels of two tables

SSRS Document Map Label 3

If you want to see the second table, click on Product Sale label as shown below

SSRS Document Map Label 4

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