Create a List Report in SSRS

In this article, we will show you how to Create a List Report in SSRS. The SSRS List reports are helpful to place the Column values, along with the charts or corresponding images. So, here we will show you the step by step approach to create a List Report in SSRS with an example.

To demonstrate the SSRS List report, We are going to use the below shown Data Set. Please refer to Embedded Data Source and Dataset articles to understand creating an Embedded Data Source and Data set that we used for this SSRS report.

Report DataSet 1

and the Custom SQL query that we used in the above Data set is:

-- Create List Report in SSRS
USE [AdventureWorksDW2014]
SELECT [FirstName] + ' ' + [LastName] AS [FullName]
      ,SUM(FACT.SalesAmount) AS SalesAmount
      ,SUM(FACT.TotalProductCost) AS ProductCost
  FROM [DimEmployee] AS EMP
  INNER JOIN [FactResellerSales] AS FACT ON
  EMP.EmployeeKey = FACT.EmployeeKey
  GROUP BY [FirstName]

Data written by the above query is:

Source Table

Create a List Report in SSRS

To demonstrate the steps involved to Create a List Report in SSRS, We are going to use the previously generated report that we shown below.

Please refer to Create a New Report, and Add headers and Footer article for adding Page headers.

Simple report 2

To add the List Item to report designer, please right-click on the report area, and select the Insert, and then List option from the context menu.

Insert List Report 3

Once you select the List option from the context menu, a new List Item will add to the SSRS report area.

Create a List Report 4

For the demonstration purpose, let me drag and drop the [Full Name] column from the ListDS to the List area.

Add Fields to List Report 5

Next, we will add one more Text box inside the SSRS List area. And to do so, right-click on the List area, and select the Insert, and then Text Box option from the context menu.

Add Textbox to List Report 6

As you can see, we added the custom Text called (Employee Name] to the newly added text box.

Create a List Report 7

Use the above-specified approach to add custom text for Email ID and the Designation. Next, drag and drop Email Address, and the Title columns from the ListDs to List area.

Create a List Report 8

Within the SSRS List Report preview, you can see the Custom text and the corresponding column values.

List Report Preview 9

SSRS List area is nothing but a rectangle. If you right-click on the list area will open the context menu. Please select the Rectangle Properties.. option to alter the existing properties of the list area. Please refer Add Rectangle article to understand the rectangle format options.

Add Rectangle to List Report 10

Let me show you the SSRS List Report preview. The list is displaying the items with a beautiful font because we formatted all the textboxes inside the list area.

I suggest you to refer Formatting Text Box article to understand the steps involved in formatting the text boxes.

Create a List Report 11

Let me add the Image to the List area. See, we are assigning the Employee Photo column as the image source. I suggest you refer to Display Image article to understand the steps involved in adding an image to report.

Add Image to a List Report 12

Click OK to close the properties window, and adjust the text box length, and widths

List report with Rectangle, text box, image 13

Click on the preview tab to see the SSRS List report preview.

Create a List Report in SSRS 14

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