Create a New Report in SSRS

In this article, we will show you how to Create a New Report in SSRS with an example. For this SQL reporting demonstration, We are going to use the below shown Data Source and Data Set.

We can create a new SSRS report in multiple ways: Using report Wizard and Normal Mode. After creating a New Project, We have three folders in the solution explorer, such as Shared Data Sources, Datasets, and Reports. The Reports folder is enough to design a basic report.

Please refer to the Shared Data Source and Dataset articles to understand the steps involved in creating Shared Data Sources and Dataset that we used to create a new report.

Create a New SSRS Report using Wizard

First, we will show you the first option, alter we will show the other option. Right-click on the Report folder to open the context menu, and please select the first option, Add New Report.

Add New Report Option 1

Once you click on the option, it opens the Report wizard to create a new SSRS Report. The first page is a Welcome screen. As we already explained the steps involved in creating a report using the wizard, Please refer to Create using the Wizard article.

Opens Wizard 2

Create SSRS Report without Wizard

In general, we don’t use the wizard to generate any reports. To create a new SSRS report, usually, first, go to Solution Explorer. Next, within the solution explorer, Right-click on Reports folder -> Add -> New Item

Create a New Report in SSRS without wizard 3

It will open the Add New Item window with all the available options. Please select the option and rename it as per your requirements. Let me change the newly created report name to a more meaningful one (FirstReport.rdl)

Create a New SSRS Report 5

Once you click on the Add button, a new SSRS report with the specified name will be created or generated. If you observe the Report Data pane, we have five different folders.

  • Built-in Fields: These are the built fields available in SSRS. You can use these items to show the page Numbers and title.
  • Parameters: Used this folder to create parameters. Later, these parameters are used inside the report. Please refer Report Parameters article to understand the steps involved in creating parameters.
  • Images: This will add images to the report. Please refer Display Images Report article to understand the same.
  • Data Sources: This folder helps to create an Embedded Data Source. Please refer to the Embedded Data Source article.
  • Datasets: This folder is useful to create Embedded DataSets. Please refer to the Embedded DataSet article.
Blank Page with Report Data 6

From the below screenshot, you can see the list of SSRS Report Items in a newly created one. We have to use these Report items to create a report based on client requirements.

Create a New SSRS Report 7