Create New Project in SSRS

In this article, we will show you the step-by-step approach to creating a new project in SSRS with an example. SSRS can extract data from both relational and multidimensional data sources to generate a report.

How to Create a New Project in SSRS

This example will show you the steps involved in creating a New Project. First, Double click on Business Intelligence Development Studio (shortly called BIDS) to do so. Then, select the File option from the Menu item.

Use File Menu 1

Please select New and then select the New Project… option for creating a new SQL Server Reporting Service Project.

Create a New Project in SSRS 2

Once you click on the New Project… option, will open the New Project window to choose the required project from available project templates.

Create New Project in SSRS 3

Click Ok to finish creating a New project. Now, if you look at Solution Explorer, you can understand the solution name and project name.

Solution Explorer 1

From the above screenshot, you can observe that we have three folders under the newly created SSRS New project.

  • Shared Data Source: If you want to share the same data source for multiple reports, report models, and subscriptions, then we have to create a shared data source. Please refer to the Shared Data Source article to understand the Data Source configurations.
  • Shared Dataset: If you want to share the same Dataset with multiple reports, then we have to create a shared One. Please refer to the Shared Dataset article to learn about Dataset configurations.
  • Report: This folder is used to create SSRS Reports. If you want to create Reports using Wizard, please refer to the Table Using Wizard article. Otherwise, see the Table article.