Charts in SSRS

Reporting tools are useful to analyze the data as per the business requirements. While investigating the data, some companies might be interested in Table or Matrix reports. However, most companies use Charts (Graphical Representation of data) to see the Trends, Sales Comparisons, etc.

Like other reporting tools, SQL Reporting Services also provides several built-in charts to visualize the data. And, in this section, we show the list of available charts in SSRS.

List of Charts in SSRS

The below screenshot shows the available list of charts in SSRS or SQL Reporting Services.

Charts in SSRS 1

And the detailed list of SSRS Charts is shown below. All the below-specified heading are Hyperlinks. So click on them will show you a particular example.

  1. Column Chart: This chart is suitable for comparisons. You can use to compare Sales By Month, or Sales this year vs. previous years, etc. Remember, we also explained the Column Chart formatting options at Formatting Column Chart, so refer the same.
  2. Stacked Bar Chart: The stacked bar chart in SSRS is helpful to divide the column charts further
  3. Line Chart: You can use this SSRS chart to display the Trend. For example, Sales Trends, a temperature at a continuous period.
  4. Pie Chart: It is useful to display the High-level data. Remember, we also explained the Pie Chart formatting technique at Formatting Pie Chart.
  5. Funnel Chart: This SSRS chart is useful to visualize the Data in stage-wise.
  6. Pyramid Chart: Similar to Funnel Chart, It is helpful to view the Data in stages.
  7. Area Chart: This is used to represent the quantitative data graphically.
  8. Range Chart: You can use this chart to visualize the data between the minimum and maximum value.
  9. Scatter Plot: This plot is useful to visualize the relationship between any two sets of data
  10. Bubble Chart: You can use this SSRS chart to display the three-dimensional data. Or You can use them on top of the Maps
  11. Radar Chart: It is very useful to visualize the numeric data in 360 Degrees.

SSRS also provides the Data Bars, Gauges, Spark Lines, and Indicators. You can use these SSRS charts inside the Matrix or Table reports.