Display Percentages in SSRS Pie Chart

This SSRS article shows how to display the percentages in a pie chart using a simple expression with an example. To demonstrate this example, right-click on the Datasets folder to create a new DataSet. 

The below screenshot shows the data set that we use for this example.


The Sql query that we used above SSRS example is:

SELECT Geo.EnglishCountryRegionName AS Country, 
       SUM(Fact.SalesAmount) AS Sales
FROM FactInternetSales AS Fact  INNER JOIN DimCustomer 
ON DimCustomer.CustomerKey = Fact.CustomerKey
JOIN DimGeography AS Geo ON DimCustomer.GeographyKey  = Geo.GeographyKey
GROUP BY Geo.EnglishCountryRegionName

Display Percentages in SSRS Pie Chart

To add a Pie Chart, right-click the report area, choose Insert, and then the chart option from the context menu. Otherwise, drag and drop the chart from the toolbox to the report area.

Insert a Chart

Select the Pie Chart from the window and click OK to add to the report area.

Select SSRS Pie Chart to Display Percentages

Add the Sales field to Values and the Country field to the Category Groups section. Next, select the Country under the Category Groups section to open its properties. Then, either remember the default name or change it to a more meaningful one.

Add Columns to Values and Category Groups

Right-click on the Pie chart and select the Show Data Labels option to see the values.

Show Data Labels in SSRS Pie Chart to Display Percentages

Right-click on the Data labels and choose the Series label properties option.

Select Series label properties option

Within the general tab, click the ƒx button to write an expression to Display Percentages in SSRS Pie Chart.

The below expression divided the Country category group by the complete dataset to get the Percentage.

=Sum(Fields!Sales.Value, "CountryGroup")/
	Sum(Fields!Sales.Value, "CountryDSet")
Click the fx button

Next, go to the Number tab and choose the Percentage option.

Change Numbers to Display Percentages in SSRS Pie Chart

Let us see the report preview that displays Percentages.

Display Percentages in SSRS Pie Chart Preview