SSRS Matrix Report

In this article, we will show you how to create a Matrix Report in SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) with a practical example.

The below screenshot will show you the Data Source and Dataset we used to create this SSRS Matrix Report.

Data Source for Matrix

SQL Command we used for this SSRS Matrix Report in the above screenshot is:

SELECT Geo.[EnglishCountryRegionName] AS [Country]
      ,Geo.[StateProvinceName] AS [State]
      ,Cust.FirstName +' '+ Cust.LastName AS [Full Name]  
      ,Cust.EnglishEducation AS Education 
      ,Cust.EnglishOccupation AS Occupation
      ,SUM(Cust.YearlyIncome) AS YearlyIncome
      ,SUM(Fact.SalesAmount)AS SalesAmount 
FROM  DimCustomer AS Cust
      FactInternetSales AS Fact ON 
 Cust.CustomerKey = Fact.CustomerKey
     [DimGeography] AS Geo ON
   Cust.GeographyKey = Geo.GeographyKey
 GROUP BY Geo.[EnglishCountryRegionName]
  ORDER BY [Country]

Creating Matrix without using Report Wizard in SSRS

Please refer to the Table Report to understand the creation of a basic Report. Drag and drop Matrix report from the SSRS Toolbox to the Data region.

Row and Column Groups 1

We can add the Column names to the SSRS Matrix report Grouping in three ways:

  • We can Drag the Column name from Report data to the Row Grouping or Column Grouping Column.
  • Drag and Drop the Column name from Report data to the Row Grouping Pane or Column Grouping Pane.
  • When we click on the particular cell, it will open the context menu displaying available column names in that Dataset. We can select the required column from the list. Here we are selecting StateColumn as a Row Grouping item
Add Matrix to the report 2

Now, we are choosing Occupation Column as a Column Grouping item

Add Columns to Matrix Report 3

and we are selecting the Sales Amount Column as a Data item.

Add Columns as Matrix Data 4

NOTE: When you add Column to Data Column, the Reporting Server will automatically aggregate the data. If you want to change the aggregate functions, then goto fx Expression and change them accordingly.

We successfully created our first SSRS Matrix report. If you observe the below screenshot, we have done the formatting as well.

Please refer to Format Fonts and Background Color of a Textbox article to understand them.

Matrix Report 5

Click on the Preview button to see the report preview

Matrix Report Preview 6

Add Header Column For Column Grouping in SSRS Matrix Report

If you observe the above screenshot, we all know that Clerical, Management, Manual, etc., are the Customer Occupation. What if we don’t know, or we want to provide extra information to the user about each column? In these situations, we have to add row (containing Header Details of the columns).

To add a new row to SSRS Matrix Report, Please select the Header column of a report and then right-click on it to open the context menu. From the menu, Please select the Insert Row option. Here we have multiple options, and their functionalities are:

  • Inside Group – Above: This option inserts a new row on top of the Header column, and inside the Group. Inside the Group means Header text will repeat for every row
  • Inside Group – Below: This option will insert a new row below the Header column and inside the Group.
  • Outside Group – Above: It inserts a new row on top of the Header column and Outside the Group. Outside the Group means Header text will be static and will not repeat for every row
Insert Rows Outside the Group Above 7

We named the Header text as Profession as shown below

Matrix Report 8

If you observe the below screenshot, we have done the background formatting.

Matrix Report 9

Click on the Preview button to see the SSRS Matrix Report preview

SSRS Matrix Report Preview 10