Display SSRS Table Rows on a Single Page

This SSRS article shows how to display all the table rows or records on a single page. To work with this, right-click on the Datasets folder to create a new DataSet.

The below code shows the data set that we use for this example.

The Sql query that we used above SSRS example is:

SELECT Prod.EnglishProductName AS ProductName, 
       SUM(Fact.OrderQuantity) AS Orders, 
       SUM(Fact.TotalProductCost) AS ProductCost, 
       SUM(Fact.SalesAmount) AS Sales, 
       SUM(Fact.TaxAmt) AS Tax
FROM FactInternetSales AS Fact
   INNER JOIN DimProduct AS Prod ON Fact.ProductKey = Prod.ProductKey
   GROUP BY Prod.EnglishProductName, Prod.Color

We have designed a simple table report of product sales and formatted the font and colors. If you observe the report review, it has rows of four pages, and our job is to display all those four pages’ records in a single page.

Report Preview with 4 pages

How to Display SSRS Table Rows on a Single Page?

Go to the properties window and select Report. If you don’t find the Report (by default, the body is selected), please use the drop-down arrow beside the Body and choose the Report from the list of objects.

Now, you can see the report properties. To display all the table rows on a single page, we have to change that InteractiveSize property, so expand it.

InteractiveSize property to Display SSRS Table Rows on a Single Page

Set the InteractiveSize property from the default value to 0 cm.

Set InteractiveSize property height to 0 to Display SSRS Table Rows on a Single Page

Now, if you go to the report preview, you can see only one page, which displays all the records or rows within that page.

Display SSRS Table Rows on a Single Page Preview