Change SSRS Report Manager Title

Generally, when you open the SQL Server Reporting Services website, it will display the default Title, as we have shown below. But, Have you wonder how to change SSRS Report Manager Title to a more meaningful one, something like Company Name?.

In this article, we will show you the steps involved to change the Report Manager Title with an example.

Default Report Manager Title 1

Change SSRS Report Manager Title

To change the SSRS Report Manager Title, Please click on the Site Settings hyperlink at the top right corner.

Site Settings

Once you click on the Site Settings hyperlink, the Report Manager will navigate us to the site settings page. In this page, we had three tabs, and to change the reporting services title you have to use the general tab

General Site Settings 3

Let me change the title to Tutorial Gateway Reporting Services.

Change Report Manager Title 4

Now you can see the new title for our reporting Services.

Change SSRS Report Manager Title 5

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