Drill Through Reports in SSRS

The SSRS Drill Through Action is the most commonly used Action in real-time reporting. The Drill through reports allows the user to navigate from one report to another by clicking an object in the main. Drill Through Action can define on Matrix, Table, Charts, Data bars, Pie Charts, gauges, and so on.

Drill Through Reports in SSRS Example

In this example, we will show you how to enable SSRS Drill Through Action on Pie Chart with an example. For this Action demo, we are going to use the below-shown report. Please refer to the Pie Chart to understand the Data Source and Dataset we used in this SSRS report.

We aim to define Drill Through Action in each country region. If the user clicks on any country region, the second report has to display the corresponding state-wise sales. For instance, If the user clicks on the United Kingdom, then the second report has to show all the states present in that country.

NOTE: If you want to achieve this Drill through in the SSRS report, we have to pass the country value from the main to the second report. It means the second one should be parametrized report.

Sample Pie Chart 1

The below screenshot shows you the second report, and this is the one we are going to display on Users Drill through action. Please refer Data Bars article to understand the Data Source and Dataset we used in this chart, and we have done some formatting as well. If you observe, It’s just an ordinary one with Basic Parameters and its default value in Australia.

Data Bar Chart 2

SSRS Drill Through Reports Action

To enable the SSRS drill through Action on report parameters, first, We are going to hide the Parameter. Because we are going to pass the parameter value from the main, it will be annoying to display the Parameter in Drill Through reports.

To hide the Parameter, Right-click on the Parameter and select the Report Properties option. In the general tab, Please change the parameter visibility option from Visible to Hidden.

Choose Hidden option for parameters 3

Here we are going to apply Go to report Action (Drill Through Report Action) on the Countries column. So, Right-click on the Pie Chart and select the Series Properties.. option from the context menu

Choose Series Properties from context menu 4

Once you choose the Series Properties.. option, a new window will open to configure the properties. Please Navigate to the Action tab, and choose Go to report option to configure the SSRS Drill Through report action. Under the Specify a report option, Please select the required chart from the drop-down list as shown below.

Specify a SSRS Report for Drill Through Action 5

After selecting the required one, We have to assign the value(s) to parameters in a selected report. First, click on the Add button to configure parameter values.

Add Parameter 6

Under the name section, Please select the Parameter name of the selected report.

Choose the parameter 7

Next, We have to assign the proper values to the selected Parameter. Here, ParaCountry Parameter is expecting country names. So we chose the Country column from the main report.

NOTE: If you don’t find the exact column in the main report, Use the fx button to create one.

Add Parameter Value 8

Click Ok to finish enabling Drill Through action on Pie Chart, and let us see the report preview by clicking the preview tab. If you observe the below screenshot, it looks the same as a normal pie chart.

However, if you click on any region, the second one will be displayed with the state details present in that country. In the SSRS Drill Through report preview, We clicked on the United States.

Sample Pie Chart 1

If you observe the below screenshot, our second report displays the state-wise sales of the United States in our second report.

SSRS Drill Through Action Reports 10

TIP: Please click on the Back button (Blue Arrow pointing to the left) to navigate from the second report to the Main.

Let us add the total to the second one. This way, you can compare the totals displayed in Pie Chart and the second report.

This time, We clicked on Canada. As you can observe from the above screenshot, the totals are perfectly matching.

SSRS Drill Through Action Reports 11

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