Go To URL Action in SSRS

In SSRS, Actions are used to add additional functionality to Reports. It means, we can define the events to take place when users click on the text box or specific area displayed on a report. The SSRS Go To URL Action allows you to navigate from the report to a specified URL.

TIP: SSRS Actions can define on Matrix, Table (Together Tablix), Charts, Data bars, Pie Charts, Gauges and so on

Text box Action Properties 1

From the above screenshot, you can observe that there are three types of actions:

  • Go to report: Most commonly called Drill Through Action. It allows the user to navigate from one report to another by clicking an object in the main report.
  • Go to bookmark: It allows the user to navigate to a pre-defined bookmark within the same SSRS report. For instance, If the report is too long, then we can define bookmarks to navigate easily.
  • Go to URL: This type of action allows the user to navigate from the SSRS report to the specified URL. For instance, if we are displaying sales by country and user want to view the Heat Map of each country when he clicked on it then we can use this Go to URL action

Go To URL Action in SSRS Example

In this example, we will show you how to enable Go to URL action in SSRS Reports with an example. The below screenshot shows you the Embedded Dataset we are going to use for this example.

DataSet 2

Let us see the Report preview as well. If you observe the below screenshot, It’s a normal Table Report displaying tutorialgateway.org posts archive.

Table report preview 3

Here we are going to apply go to URL action on the Tutorials column. So, Right-click on the Tutorials text box and select the Text Box Properties.. option from the context menu

Text Box Properties 4

Once you select the Text Box Properties.. option, a new window will be opened to configure the properties. For this SSRS Report, Please Navigate to Action tab and choose to Go to URL option as shown below.

If you know the URL, then Hard code it in the text box. Otherwise, Please select the fx button as we did

SSRS Go To URL Action 5

Within the Expression window, Please write the following expression

="https://www.tutorialgateway.org/" + LCase(Fields!Tutorials.Value.ToString())

We are just adding the user clicked text to www.tutorialgateway.org/ URL. For instance, if user click on MDX, then MDX is added after the /

Go To URL Action 6

Click Ok to close the Expression window

Go To URL Action 8

Next, Please navigate to the Font tab and change the color of the Text. It helps the end-user to identify as Hyperlink

format fonts to get URL feel 9

Click Ok to finish enabling Go to URL action on the SSRS table report.

Go To URL Action 10

Let us see the SSRS Go To URL Action report preview by clicking preview tab

Go To URL Action 11

Once we click on SQL, our default browser will open the www.tutorialgateway.org/sql/ as shown below

Go To URL Action 12

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