Install SSRS Report builder

The SQL Server Reporting Services allows designing Reports using two applications such as BIDS, and SSRS Report Builder.

  • Business Intelligence Development Studio (Shortly called as BIDS). Please refer Install Data Tools article to understand the steps involved in installing the BIDS
  • SSRS Report Builder – Simple tool to design both basic and complex reports without having Visual Studio knowledge.

Developers who prefer to work in the Microsoft Office environment will prefer SSRS Report Builder as their best bet to design, edit, and publish SSRS Reports.

In the early years, SSRS Report Builder is fixed to design a simple report. However, using SQL Report Builder 3.0, you can create the most complex reports. In this article, we will show you how to install the SSRS Report Builder from the Report Manager.

Steps to Install SSRS Report builder

To install SSRS report builder, Please open your report manager and click on the Report Builder as shown in below screenshot

Click on the Report Builder Icon 1

Clicking the Report Builder check whether the SSRS Report Builder application installed or not.

Launching the Application 2

If found, then SSRS Report Builder will open.

Report Builder Download

Otherwise, SSRS Downloading Report Builder window will open to download the application

Download and Install Report Builder 3

Once the Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder downloaded to 100%, it will open with a starting page, as shown in the below screenshot.

Using SSRS Report Builder, we can design Tables, matrix, Chart, Sparklines, Data Bars, Charts, Gauges, and Map reports. It ranges from simple reports to complex reports.

Install Report Builder 4

For now, we selected the Blank Report.

Install Report Builder in SSRS 5