Install MySQL on Windows

This article shows you the Step by step procedure to install MySQL on Windows. It will be the same for the Mac as well. To install MySQL on Windows, double-click on the MSI file that we downloaded in the Download article.

Based on the security configuration, it might ask you for permission to run. Please click the Run button to install MySQL on windows from the below shown pop-up message.

Open File Security Warning to Run on Windows 1

Install MySQL on Windows

Once you click the Run, a new installation wizard called MySQL Installer Center would open. Before you start installing MySQL on windows platform, please read the Licence Agreement and checkmark the I accept the Licence terms option.

Accept GNU License Terms 3

Choosing Setup Type: Please select the Setup Type

Choose the Setup Type. Choose Developer default 4

If you are only working with MySQL or want to learn, then you can select the Custom option. By selecting the custom option, you can install MySQL required components and also save the disk space.

For advanced people choose Custom 5

After selecting the Custom option, Please select the Server, Workbench from Available Products. And then add them to Products/Features To Be Installed. It adds the Server, and workbench to write queries.

Choose Products to be installed from available products 6

We need all the available products. So, we are selecting the Developer Default option. If you have more hard disk space, please choose this option.

We chose Developer Default and click Next 7

While installing MySQL on windows, it will leak you to install Python as well. As you can see, we don’t have python installed on this system. To demonstrate this message, we just uninstalled Python from our system.

Choose Conector 8

When we click the next button, MySQL installation is throwing a confirm message box. Click Yes. Remember, you will get this message even if you don’t have Visual Studio or any other supporting software.

If Python not installed error message appear 9

Click Execute Button to install MySQL on windows 10. It includes all the products that you selected before.

Install MySQL on Windows 10

As you can see, MySQL installed on windows 10 successfully. Click the Next button.

Install MySQL on Windows 11

Product Configuration: Until now, we installed the MySQL Server, Workbench, and remaining products on our windows. Now we have to configure the Server, Router, and add Samples and Examples to it.

View Product configuration and click next 12

Type and Networking: Please select the first option and click Next.

Choose the Type of Networking 13

Server Configuration Type: Use this page to configure the server type, Port number. As you can see from the below screenshot, Config type had three types:

  • Development Machine: If you select this option, You can use this software like any other software, and consumes less memory. Standard option.
  • Server Machine: If you are configuring Server-Client, then you can use this option. So, the only server application will run in this system.
  • Dedicated Machine: If you want to dedicate this machine to the server, use this option. It will not allow any servers, such as web servers, in this machine.
Change the Config Type 14

We selected the default Development machine as the config type, and default port number 3306. You can change as per your requirements.

Check the Port Number 15

Please provide the password for the root account. It is the password that you are going to use to login from command prompt, or in workbench.

Apart from the default root account, you can add your own users to access by clicking the Add User button

Add Users and change root password 16

Here, we are adding tutorialgateway users with DB Admin rights. We will write a dedicated post about the Roles and access levels.

Assign role for username 17

As you can see, we provided a random password for the user

Add username, Db Role, and password 18

Now, you can see a new user tutorialgateway

View Newly added user and click next 19

Windows Service: This will install or add MySQL Service to the windows services, and the service will start when the windows are loading.

Install MySQL on Windows 20

For now, we are not enabling the protocol. So, we are leaving as it is, and click the Next button

Plugins and extensions 21

Click on the Execute button to apply configurations.

Click Execute button 22

Click Finish button to finish configuring it.

Install MySQL on Windows 23

Let me configure the Router

Install MySQL on Windows 24

We will do the Router Configuration in the later stage. For now, we are leaving the defaults. Feel free to change them as per your requirements.

Install MySQL on Windows 25

Now, Let me configure the Samples and Examples

Install MySQL on Windows 26

Please provide the password to connect to the Server

Install MySQL on Windows 27

Click on the Execute button to run the scripts that are required to add the Samples, and Examples.

Install MySQL on Windows 28

From the below Install MySQL on windows screenshot, you can see that configuration steps executed without any error.

Install MySQL on Windows 29

Click the Finish button to close the Installer wizard. It completes installing MySQL on windows 10.

Click the Finish Button to close the wizard 30

I hope you understood the steps that are required to install MySQL on windows 10 along with Workbench, and connections. The below screenshot will show you Command prompt, and Workbench.

Connect from Command Prompt 31