R abs Function

The R abs method is one of the R Math functions, which is to return the Positive absolute value of a specific number or an expression. Let us see how to use abs in R Programming language with an example.

The syntax of the abs in R Programming language is as shown below:

abs(number); //Return Type is Integer

Number: It can be a number or a valid numerical expression for which you want to find absolute value.

  • If the number argument is positive or negative zero, the abs function returns positive zero.
  • If the number argument is not a number, abs function returns Error.

R abs example

The abs function allows you to find the absolute values of a numeric value. In this program, We are going to find the absolute values of different data and display the output

# R abs Function example

print("The abosolute Values are:")
# Absolute Values of both Positive and negative zeros

# Absolute values of Positive values

# Absolute Values of Negative values

# abs on vectors
num <- c(-1.526, 2, -3.5, -4 , -52.7896)
R abs Function 1

R abs Function Example 2

The ABS Function in R also allows you to find the absolute values of a column value. In this example, we are going to find the absolute values for all the records present in [Service Grade] column using the abs Function.

For this R absolute positive demonstration, We are going to use the below-shown CSV data. I suggest you refer to the R Read CSV Function article to understand the steps involved in importing the CSV file in R Programming.

R abs Function 3


# abs Function example


product <- read.csv("Product_Data.csv", TRUE, sep = ",")

# Absolute Value

From the below screenshot, you can observe that abs function is returning the absolute values of the Service grade column

R abs Function 2

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