Download R Studio and Install

RStudio is an Open source and enterprise-ready professional Software environment for R Programming. It is available in the desktop version (free and pro) and the server version (free & Pro). Here, we show where or How to download and Install R Studio software (desktop version) with screenshots. The following are the steps involved in the R Studio download.

A step-by-step approach to Download R Studio

Step 1: To download for Windows, first Go to the official R Studio website by clicking this link Download. The screenshot below shows the official website Home page.

Next, Click on the download R Studio desktop button to start the download process.

Go to Official Website 1

NOTE: We have to install the Programming Software before installing it. If you haven’t installed R, then please refer to the Software Download article to understand the steps & Install Software article for the installation process.

Step 2: Once you click on the specified download R Studio button, the following tab or window opens. Please select the Desktop (Free License) and click the download button.

Choose RStudio Desktop Free License Option 2

Step 3: Or scroll down the page and select your operating system’s software. From the screenshot below, we are selecting the RStudio 0.99.903 – Windows Vista/7/8/10.

Click the link base don the platform - windows or Mac 3

Once you click on the hyperlink, a pop-up window opens to save this file. Please select the Save or Download File option for R Studio.

Click Save File button 4

Step by Step process to install R Studio

Step 1: To install R Studio, navigate your file system to the previously downloaded file, and click on the RStudio-0.99.903.exe application. Or, if you downloaded the file using Firefox, then do as shown below. Remember, the version number may be different for you.

Click the Saved file 5

After you click on the install application, the Welcome to the R Studio Setup Wizard window opens. Please select the Next button.

Download and install R Studio 6

Step 3: Here, you can change the default installation directory. To do that, we have to click on the Browse… button beside the text box. It opens our file system to navigate the location and select the directory.

See that we are using the default directory as the destination folder to install R Studio.

Choose Directory 7

Here, you can change the program’s shortcut’s default directory. For this, we have to select the directory name from the list. From the screenshot below, see that we selected the folder (default).

Download and install R Studio 8

Step 5: Please wait for the extraction and installing of R studio to be completed. Next, Click the Finish button to complete the Installation.

Download and install R Studio 9

Let us open the R Studio ide to see the Software environment that supports the direct code execution.

Download and install R Studio 10