R Software Download

R is an Open source or Free Software environment for Graphics and statistical computing. It is available on a wide variety of platforms such as Mac OS, UNIX, and Windows. In this article, we show from where or How to download R Software with screenshots. The following are the steps involved in R Software download.

The statistical approach for R Software Download

Step 1: To download R Software, first Go to the official website by clicking this link Download. The screenshot below shows the Home page of the official website. Next, Click on the download R or CRAN mirror to start the download process.

R Software Download 1

Step 2: Once you click on the above-specified hyperlinks, the following tab or window opened. Please select your closest mirror for software download. Since I reside in India, I am selecting the India Institute of Technology Madras mirror.

R Software Download 2

Once you selected your closest mirror, the following window opened. Please select your platform by clicking the hyperlink. This tutorial is on the Windows platform. So, we are Downloading R software for Windows.

R Software Download 3

Once you select the platform, the screenshot below displayed. Here, Please select the Install R for the first time option if you are installing it for the first.

R Software Download 4

Here, Click on the Download R 3.3.1 for Windows hyperlink to start downloading software

R Software Download 5

Once you click on the Download R 3.3.1 for Windows hyperlink, a pop-up window opened to save this file. Please select the Save File option.

R Software Download 6

TIP: Please refer Install Software article to understand the steps involved in installing the software.

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