Escape Sequence in C

Escape Sequence in C Programming is used to format the output. The general and most commonly used escape character is \n (to generate a Newline).

The list of available escape sequences in this Programming language.

Escape SequenceOperation
\aAlarm or Beep
\fForm Feed
\nNew Line
\rCarriage Return
\tHorizontal Tab
\vVertical Tab
\’Single Quote
\”Double Quotes
\?Question Mark
\nnnOctal Number
\xhhHexadecimal Number

Escape Sequence in C Example

In this program, we are using some of the escape sequence characters inside the printf statement. Through this, we can show their functionality and how to use them in C Programming.


int main()
    // Horizontal Tab
    printf("Tutorial\tGateway \n");
    //New Line
    printf("Welcome To \nTutorial Gateway \n");
    // Single Quote, and Question Mark
    printf("Learn \'C\' Programming\? \v Visit Tutorial Gateway \n");
    // Vertical Tab
    // Double Quotes
    printf("\"Tutorial Gateway\" ");
    // Carriage Return
    return 0;
Escape Sequence Example