Tableau Show Me

Show Me window holds the most commonly used charts in Tableau. You can use any of these charts to view the data. Click Show Me on the toolbar to open this window, as we have shown below.

Tableau Show Me Window

Clicking the Show Me tab will open the following window

Tableau Show Me Window 2

The following is the list of charts that are available in the Tableau Show Me window.

  1. Text Label
  2. Heat Map
  3. Highlight Table
  4. Symbol Maps
  5. Maps
  6. Pie Chart
  7. Horizontal Bars
  8. Stacked Bars
  9. Side-By-Side Bars
  10. Treemap
  11. Circle Views
  12. Side-By-Side Circle Views
  13. Line Chart
  14. Discrete Lines
  15. Dual Lines
  16. Area Chart
  17. Discrete Area
  18. Dual Combination
  19. Scatter Plot
  20. Histograms
  21. Box and Whisker Plots
  22. Gantt Chart
  23. Bullet Graph
  24. Packed Bubbles
List of Available Charts in Tableau Show Me Window 3

Use Show Me to create a Table

For the Tableau Show Me Demonstration purpose, we drag the Countries field from the Measures Region to the Rows field and the Total Population to the Column field.

Next, we selected the Text Labels from Show Me. As you can see from the below screenshot, Tableau has created the Table report.

Table Report 4