Tableau Area Chart

Tableau Area Chart is a Line Chart where the Area between the Axis and the Lines fill with color(s). In this article, we will show you how to Create Area Chart with an example. For this Tableau Area chart demonstration, we are going to use the Sample – Superstore Data Source.

Tableau Area Chart Example

To create a Tableau Area Chart First, Drag and Drop Quantity from Measures Region to Rows Shelf. Since it is a Measure value, Quantity will aggregate to default Sum. Once you drag them, Bar Chart will generate as we have shown below.

Tableau Area Chart 2

Next, Drag and Drop Year from Dimension Region to Tableau Column Shelf. Once you drag them, Tableau Line Chart will generate.

Tableau Area Chart 3

Let’s change the value from Year to All months present in each year to see the detailed monthly information (trend)

Tableau Area Chart 4

Now, you see the detailed Line chart for each month of 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018

Tableau Area Chart 5

Let me compare the Trend for each Category. To do so, Drag and Drop the Category from Dimension Region to the Colors field present in the Marks Shelf.

Tableau Area Chart 6

Now you can see the Trend for each category. To convert the Line chart to Area Chart, Please change the Mark type from Automatic to Area Chart, as we showed below. Or, Select Area Chart from the Show Me window.

Tableau Area Chart 8

Now you can see the Area Chart

Tableau Area Chart 9

Let me change the Categories position

Tableau Area Chart 10

Add Labels to Tableau Area Chart

Drag and Drop the Category from Dimension Region to the Text or Label field present in the Marks Shelf. As you can see the categories Names on Area Chart.

Tableau Area Chart 11

Detailed Area Chart

Let me expand the Category to show the Area Chart for every Sub-category

Tableau Area Chart 12

We further divided the Area chart based on the Product Name

Tableau Area Chart 13

Selecting any specific area will show you the information at that particular point.

Tableau Area Chart 14

Discrete Area Chart

Show Me has one more option called Discrete Area Chart in Tableau. Let me select the same from Show Me

Tableau Area Chart 15

Now you can see the Discrete Area Chart in Tableau for each category.

Tableau Area Chart 16