Tableau Pie Chart

A Tableau Pie Chart is a graphical representation of data in the form of a round circle divided into different categories or pies. Each pie represents the category, and its size is directly proportional to the numerical data. Pie charts are easy to represent high-level data in a more meaningful way.

Pie Chart in Tableau is useful to display the Sales by region, Countrywide customers, Sales by Country, etc. These are also helpful in the dashboard design. For example, we can use the pie chart to display Country wise sales and then use the Action filters to drill further down.

This article shows how to Create a Tableau Pie Chart with an example. For this, we will use the Data Source we created in our previous example article.

How to Make a Pie Chart in Tableau?

To create Tableau Pie charts, first, Drag the Sales Measures to the Columns shelf. Since it is a Measure value, the Sales Amount will aggregate to a Sum(default). Next, Drag and Drop the English Country Region Name from Dimension Region to Rows Card. Once you drag them, the following bar chart screenshot will display.

Please visit the Labels in Reports article to understand the DataSource and DataSet of this bar chart report from SQL Server.

Bar Plot with Sales and Country as Rows and Dimension fields

Now we have to change the default Bar chart to Tableau Pie Chart using the Show Me option. Please expand the Show Me window and select the pie chart button, as shown below.

Choose Pie Chart from Show Me Window

Once you select it from the Show Me window, the plot will display different default colors.

Country Names will Divide and the Sales is the size of each slice 4

Please use the Size option in Size Card to expand or Shirk the Tableau Pie chart.

Changing the Size of a Pie Chart

If you observe the above screenshot, it provides the perfect results. However, we cannot identify the difference between the Sum of Sales measures in France and Germany within the circle. To resolve these situations, We have to display the Data Labels.

Add Tableau Pie Chart Data Labels

To add Pie chart labels, Please drag and Drop the Label marks values from Dimension or Measure Pane to the Label card in Marks Card.

Add Data Labels, Measures, or Values to each Pie or slice

In this example, We want to display the Sales Amount as Data labels, so Drag and Drop the Sales Amount from the Measures region to the Labels option.

Add Data Labels

Pie Chart allows us to add Multiple Measure values as Data Labels. It can be handy when comparing the Total Sales against the Profits by Region. To do this, use the above technique to place the Yearly Income.

Tool Tip of a Tabelau Pie Chart Slice

Format Tableau Pie Chart: How to format colors, labels, and size

One of the most common questions raised by any developer is formatting Pie Charts. Because the Default colors or Default pallet may or may not be attractive to the end user. To do this, Please select the Edit Colors.. option from the context menu, as shown below.

Change the Slices Colors

Once you choose the option, an Edit Colors window will open to select the Color Palette for the English Country region name. For the demonstration of the pie chart option purpose, we are choosing the Color Blind 10

Change Color Pallet of Slices

Click the Apply button and then click OK to finish formatting this Pie chart

Select Color Palette and Assign New colors to Tableau Pie Chart

Approach 2

This method of creating a Tableau pie chart is very easy and straightforward. First, Please select the Pie mark option from the drop-down list present in Marks Card.

Change the Mark Type from Automatic

Next, Drag and Drop the Sales from the Measure Region to the Field region.

Create a New Tableau Pie Chart

Next, Drag and Drop the English Country Region Name from Dimension Region to the Color option in Marks Card.

Add Colors

Once you drag them, the following screenshot will be displayed. I hope you understand, How easy it is to design or build a Tableau Pie Chart.

Add Sales to Size Shelf, Country to Color Shelf and Change Marks from Automatic to Pie

Remember, the Pie mark allows us to add Dimensions and Measures as the Data Labels. To demonstrate this, We just placed the total Sales Amount Measure and English Country Name on the labels Option present on the Marks card.

Add Labels to Tableau Pie Chart 16

It is always advisable to use the Tableau Pie charts for High-level information. For instance, If you use the same for State-wise sales rather than Country-wise, you will end up with the following screenshot. If you see the entire view carefully], we can’t even identify a few regions because the result is a rather small pie.

Tableau Pie Chart 17