Tableau Grouping

Tableau Grouping is the process of merging or combining two or more values for further analysis. For example, When we see products by region report, we may find a few underperforming products. Sometimes, it may be annoying to see all those underperforming products. So we have to perform Tableau grouping on those records (combining those records) and display them as one product in a report.

In this article, we will show you How to perform grouping in Tableau reports with example?. For this Grouping demo, we are going to use the report we created in our previous article.

Please visit Data Labels in Reports article to understand the Data Source and the Tableau report. The below screenshot will show you the report preview

Tableau Grouping 1

If you observe the below screenshot, Data we highlighted, such as Multi, NA, and White color products, are not performing well in all the country regions. So, let’s unite them

Tableau Grouping 2

Tableau Grouping Method

We can perform Grouping in multiple ways. In the first method, when you select the various records or values from the report, a tooltip like a window will display. From that, Please Click on the Group Members button as shown in the below screenshot

Tableau Grouping Members 3

Once you click on the button, tableau will automatically group those items. That’s it. We have done this. Here, We were unable to see the Axis labels so, let us flip or rotate the chart

Tableau Grouping 4

You can see the products

Tableau Grouping 5

Grouping Method 2

The second method for Tableau grouping is using Toolbar options. Select the columns you want to unite and click the Group button in the toolbar. From the below screenshot you can observe that when you hover on the button, it will show the tooltip.

Tableau Grouping 6

Once you click on the button, it will show you that it’s going to create a new Group Color. From the below screenshot, you can observe that We successfully created the color group. You can see that name in Rows Card

Tableau Grouping 7

Change Tableau Grouping Name

Within the Axis bar, Right-click on the newly created members and select the Edit Alias.. option from the context menu

Tableau Grouping 8

Once you choose the Edit Axis.. option, the following window will be opened to change or alter the Group name

Assign name to it 9

Grouping Method 3

Select and Right Click on the Tableau Dimension on which you want to perform grouping. Please select Create and then Group.. option

Tableau Grouping 10

Once you select the option, the Create Group window will open with available records in that dimension. You can notice that we have only 8 distinct records. Please select the records you want to unite. In this example, we are going to group Multi, NA, and White color products. So, pick them and click on the Group button.

Add Fields to it 12

Next, Edit the name. Here we changed as multi-color and clicked Ok button

Change the Name of it 13

Although we performed tableau Grouping on Multi, NA, and White products. The below screenshot is showing the individual products rather than united products. Because we haven’t changed the Color from Rows Card.

Tableau Grouping 14

Once you change the Color dimension with Color Group, desktop will update the report as shown below

Add to Rows Shelf 15

Delete Tableau Grouping

To delete grouping, select and Right Click on the name you want to delete will open the context menu. Please select Delete option.

Delete Members from it 16

Since we are using Color Grouping in the report, it is displaying the following error. We clicked the No button because we didn’t want to delete it

Choose No 17