Tableau Table Calculations

Tableau Table Calculations are a special type of calculated field. Unlike regular calculated fields, these are based on the data that is currently visualized in a report. This article shows how to create table calculations and how to use their properties.

For these Tableau Table calculations demo, we use the Global Super Store Excel Worksheet. Before creating them, let me create a simple report.

Simple Text Label or Crosstab report 1

Create Tableau Table Calculations

In this Bi tool, you can create table calculations in multiple ways, and the first approach is: Right-click on the measure, and select Create -> calculated Fields. The second approach, please navigate to Analysis Tab and select Create Calculated Field… option.

Please refer to Tab Report, calculated field, and Connecting to the Excel Files in Tableau.

Create a Calculated Field 2

Selecting the option will open the following window. Here, we renamed the default name as Cal. The below statement will find the First records in this data. Here, you can click OK to close this window.

Using First function as the calculated field 3

Or you can click the Default hyperlink (marked below) to alter the default settings, and it opens the following window.

Tableau Table Calculations Computing using 4

Use this window to change the Tableau table Calculation field, Levels, etc. I am not a fan of making any modifications using this window. However, you can do it. Let me click Cancel button to close the window, and then click OK button.

Choose the Column from the Compute using drop down menu 5

Let me drag this first Cal to the Measures shelf in the design area.

Tableau Table Calculations 6


Altering or editing the Tableau Table Calculations is very simple. Click the down arrow, and select Compute using to change the computing options.

Edit Tableau Table Calculations 7

Let us see the list of available options. For this, let me select the Edit Table Calculation option from Measure Values.

Edit from Measure Values shelf 8

It will open a new window called Edit calculation.

Table Down Calculation

Tableau Table Down Calculations will start calculating from the first row to the end row in a complete table.

Compute using Table Down 9

Pane Down

The Tableau Pane Down will calculate from the first row to the end row in a Pane or group. From the below screenshot, the First is applying for each quarter.

Compute using Pane Down 10

Specific Dimensions

You can use any dimensional column to compute the Table calculation. Here, it applies the FIRST function for each year.

Compute using Specific Dimension 11

You can also change the Sort order, and sorting column

Compute using a specific dimension 12

Let me add Segments filed to the Columns shelf to explore a few more options. As you can see, it is displaying a few more options.

Tableau Table Calculations 13

Table across

Tableau Table Cross Calculations will apply the first function for each row in a table.

Tableau Table Across Calculations 14

Table across then down

The Tableau Table across then down will apply the first function for each row and then go to the next row.

Compute using Table Across then Down 14

Table down then across

It will apply the first function for each row in a column and then go to the next column.

Table Down then across 16

Pane Down

It will calculate from the first row to the end row in a Pane or group.

Pane Down 17

Pane across then down

The Tableau Pane down then down calculations will calculate from the first row to the end row in a Pane or group.

Pane Across then down 18

Tableau Table Calculation Specific Dimension

As we said before, use your own dimension to compute the calculation. Here, it is applying the FIRST function for each quarter.

Tableau Table Calculation on Specific Dimension 19

The FIRST function calculates for each quarter and segment.

Specific Dimension First Function 20

Here, the FIRST function applies for each year and segment.

Tableau Table Calculations First Function 21