Tableau Dual Combination Chart

The Tableau Dual Combination Chart is handy to compare one Measure against Other measures visually. In this article, we will show you How to create a Dual Combination Chart in Tableau with an example.

For this Dual Combination Chart demo, we are going to use the Data Source that we created in our previous article. Please visit Data Labels in Reports article to understand the Tableau Data Source.

Choose Bar and Line from Show Me Window 1

Tableau Dual Combination Chart Example

To create a Tableau Dual Combination Chart First, Drag and Drop the Order Date from Dimensions Region to Columns Shelf.

Tableau Dual Combination Chart 2

Next, Drag & Drop the Sales Amount and Total Product Cost from Measures Region to Rows Shelf. Since they are Measure values, both Sales Amount and Total Product Cost values will aggregate to default Sum. Once you drag them, Line Chart will generate as we have shown below.

Two Line Charts 3

Let me change this to the Dual Combination chart. To do so, Please expand the Show Me window and select the Tableau Dual Combination Chart from it

TIP: We already explained the manual process of creating Dual Combination Charts in the Dual Axis article. So please refer to the same.

Tableau Dual Combination Chart 4

Once you select the Dual Combination from Show Me window, Dual Combination Chart will be displayed as shown in the below screenshot.

Tableau Dual Combination Chart 5

You can Expand these Cards to change Sales Amount to Line, and Product Cost to Bar, so on.

Tableau Dual Combination Chart 6

Let me change the Order date value from Year to All months present in each year to see more Bars and detailed trend

Tableau Dual Combination Chart 7

Though it looks good. However, if you observed closely, the Maximum Axis values of the Sales Amount is 1800K, whereas the Total Product Cost is 1000K.

Tableau Dual Combination Chart 8

If you have no problem, Leave as it is otherwise, Please select the Total Product Cost and select the Synchronize Axis.. option from the context menu

Synchronize Axis 9

Now you can see the Dual Combination Chart with Synchronized Axis. You can also remove one axis

Tableau Dual Combination Chart 10

Add Data labels to Dual Combination Chart

To add data labels to the Dual Combination chart, Please click on the Show Mark Labels button in the Toolbar.

Tableau Dual Combination Chart 11

Tableau Dual Combination Chart Stacked

You can convert the existing Dual Combination Chart to the Stacked Dual Combination chart. Let me add Country Name to Colors shelf

Tableau Dual Combination Chart 12

Highlight any block will show you the information of that particular slice.

Tableau Dual Combination Chart 13