Tableau Crosstab Report

Table Crosstab in Tableau is the best way to display data in multi-level. In this article, we will show you how to Create a Tableau Crosstab Report with an example.

Create a Tableau Crosstab Report

For this Tableau Crosstab demonstration, we are going to use the data present in the Global Super Store Excel Worksheet. So, Please refer to Connecting to Excel Files article to understand the connection settings.

Dragging any Dimension field to the Rows section will automatically create a table for you. Otherwise, select the Text label will do the trick. Let me drag Country from Dimensions Region to Rows shelf.

Create Matrix Report 2

Next, drag and drop the Quantity from Tableau Measures Region to Text field present in Marks Shelf. Now you can see the table report

Create Matrix Report 3

Let me add Sales field to the Measures shelf

Tableau Crosstab Report 4

Let me one more Measure called Profit.

Tableau Crosstab Report 5

To convert this Table to Matrix. Drag and drop category field to the Columns Shelf

Tableau Crosstab Report 6

Now you can see the Matrix or crosstab in Tableau

Tableau Crosstab Report 7

Let me add one more dimension (Market) on the Columns shelf

Add One More Dimension to Cross tab 8

You can also add fields on Rows shelf to group row fields

Tableau Crosstab Report 9