Tableau Table Report

Table Report in Tableau is one of the common ways to display your data. In this article, we will show you how to Create a Table Report with an example.

To demonstrate this Table report, we will use the data source we created earlier. So, Please visit the Data Labels in the Reports article.

Create a Tableau Table Report

In this example, we are going to create a table. This can be done in two ways. When you select the Product Subcategory Name from Dimensions Region, it will automatically select a Text label for yours.

Select Table from Show Me Window 1

Clicking the text label will create a Table for you.

Add Dimension and Measure to Tableau Table Report 2

Next, drag and drop the Sales Amount from the Measures Region to the Text field present in the Marks Shelf.

Add Measure to Text Field in Marks Shelf of a Table 3

Now you can see the table report.

Tableau Table Report 4

Create a Table Second Approach

Dragging any Dimension field to the Rows section will automatically create a Tableau table report for you. Let me drag the Product Sub-category Name from the Dimensions Region to the Rows shelf.

Add dimension to Rows Shelf 5

You can see the Table report on the Desktop.

Add Sales Measure to Text 6

Next, we added the sales Amount to this table.

Tableau Table Report 7

Let me add a few more Measures, such as Total product Cost, Order Quantity, and Tax Amount.

Tableau Table Report 8