Tableau Table Report

Table Report in Tableau is one of the common ways to display your data. In this article, we will show you how to Create a Table Report with an example.

To demonstrate this Table report, we are going to use the data source that we created earlier. So, Please visit Data Labels in the Reports article.

Create a Tableau Table Report

In this example, we are going to create a table. This can do in two ways.

When you select the Product Subcategory Name from Dimensions Region, it will automatically select a Text label for yours.

Select Table from Show Me Window 1

Clicking the text label will create a Table for you.

Add Dimension and Measure to Tableau Table Report 2

Next, drag and drop the Sales Amount from Measures Region to Text field present in Marks Shelf.

Add Measure to Text Field in Marks Shelf of a Table 3

Now you can see the table report

Tableau Table Report 4

Create a Table Second Approach

Dragging any Dimension field to the Rows section will automatically create a Tableau table report for you. Let me drag Product Sub-category Name from Dimensions Region to Rows shelf.

Add dimension to Rows Shelf 5

You can see the Table report on the Desktop.

Add Sales Measure to Text 6

Next, we added the sales Amount to this table.

Tableau Table Report 7

Let me add a few more Measures, such as Total product Cost, Order Quantity, and Tax Amount.

Tableau Table Report 8