Tableau Progress Bar Chart

This Tableau article shows how to create a Progressive or Progress Bar chart with an example. For this demo, we used the default Sample Superstore dataset.

Create a Tableau Progress Bar Chart

Drag and Drop the Sub-Category to Rows and Sales Amount to Columns Shelf to create a horizontal bar chart. 

Tableau Progress Bar Chart 1

Sort the Bar chart by Sales amount in Descending order. You can also use the same technique to create a progressive chart for the following ones.

  1. Gradient Bar Chart
  2. Grouped Bar Chart
  3. Rounded Edges Bar Chart
  4. Side-by-Side Bar Chart
  5. Stacked Bar Chart
Sort in Descending Order

From the Analysis Menu, choose the Create Calculated Field.. option will open the below window. First, let me rename it as One and 1 as the value. Then, please refer to the Calculated Field article in Tableau.

Create Calculated Field as One

Next, click on Sales to add Quick Table Calculation as the Percentage of Total to convert numbers as percentages.

Convert Column Shelf value to Percentage of Total

Add Sales to Label shelf. Next, click on Sales to add Quick Table Calculation as the Percentage of Total.

Add Percentage of Total to Tableau Progress Bar Chart label

Right-click on the Calculated Field (One) -> Default Properties -> Number Format..

Format the Numbers

Change it from Automatic to Percentage and set the Decimal places to 0.

Change to Percentage

Add One to the Columns shelf to create a secondary axis, and remove the Sales Label from SUM(One).

Add One to create multi axis chart

Click the Down arrow beside the SUM(One) and choose the Dual Axis option.

Select Dual Axis

Under the All section, change the Marks Type from Automatic to Bar to create a Tableau Progress bar chart.

Convert Automatic Marks Type to Tableau Progress Bar Chart

Right-click on any axis and choose Synchronize Axis option.

Synchronize Axis

Right-Click on both the Axis and uncheck the Show Header option.

uncheck the Show Header

Let me do some color and border formatting of the SUM(One).

Format Color and Background of a Tableau Progress Bar Chart

The final Tableau Progress bar chart.

Tableau Progress bar chart