Tableau Side-by-Side Bar Chart

This article shows you how to create a Tableau Side-by-Side Bar Chart with an example. The Tableau Side-by-Side Bar or column charts help see multiple measures against the dimension or multiple dimensions against a single measure. It means we need any three fields to generate this kind of graph.

How to Create a Tableau Side-by-Side Bar Chart?

First, we will try two dimensions against the measure. So, please select Color, English Country Region Name dimensions, and Sales Amount Measure and click the Side by Side Bars option in the show me a window to create a chart.

Choose Three fields from Dimension and Measures

By default, it generates the Side by Side Bar Chart and automatically adds Color dimension to the Color shelf to display unique colors.

Tableau Side-by-Side Bar Chart from Show me Window

Without using the Show Me Window

Drag and drop English Country Region Name to Columns Shelf and Sales Amount to Rows shelf will generate a bar chart. Next, drag the Color dimension to the Columns shelf.

bar graph

It will automatically create a Side by Side Bar Chart. Here, we must manually add the dimension to the Color shelf to assign unique colors.

Add Second Dimension to Columns Shelf

Now you can see the actual chart.

Tableau Side-by-Side Bar Chart with Colors

First, expand the Color section within the Marks shelf and click the Edit Colors button to change the palette. Here, we have chosen the Lightning Watermelon.

Change the Color Palette

From the below screenshot, you can see the refreshing colors.

It shows chosen palette color

Let me remove the dimension from the Color shelf and add the profit Measure to show you the color based on the profit.

Change Tableau Side-by-Side Bar Chart colors using Measure Value

Tableau Side-by-Side Bar Chart With Multiple Measures

Select the English Country Region Name dimension and Sales Amount, TotalProduct Cost Measures, and click the show me window Side by Side Bars option.

Choose Multiple Measures and single Dimension

Now, you can see the Side by side column chart of multiple charts against a single dimension.

Tableau Side-by-Side Bar Chart With Multiple Measures

Double-click the remaining (required) measures to add them to the chart.

Add More Measures to it

Click the T button or Control + select the Measure Values in the Rows shelf and add them to Label Shelf.

Add data labels to Tableau Side-by-Side Bar Chart

Use the marked button to convert the chart to a Tableau side-by-side bars chart.

Tableau Side-by-Side Horizontal Bar Chart