Tableau Gradient Bar Chart

This Tableau article shows how to create a Gradient Bar chart using the Calculated Fields with an example. For this demo, we used FactInternetSales, DimCustomer, and DimGeography Tables.

Create a Tableau Gradient Bar Chart

Right-click the Empty space and select the Create Calculated Field.. option will open the below window. Let me rename it as Zero and 0 as the value. Please refer to the Calculated Field article in Tableau.

Create a Calculated Field Zero

Add State Province Name to Rows and Measure Values to Columns Shelf to create a horizontal bar chart. It automatically adds all the Numeric or Measures data to the Measure Value section.

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Add Sales and Measure Values to Create Horizontal Bar Chart

Click the down button beside the State Province Name and choose the Filter Option to display the Top 15 records by Sales. You can refer to the Top and Bottom Filters article.

Apply Filters to State province Names

Now, you can see the Top 15 States with the highest sales.

Tableau Gradiant Bar Chart 4

Use the Control or Command Key to select all the Measure Values except Sales and Zero.

Remove Unwanted Measure Values

The below bar chart shows the Top 15 States on Rows and Sales, Zero in Columns Shelf.

Final Report

Change the Marks Type from Bar to Line.

Change the Marks Type from Bar to Line

Next, we added Measure Names to both the Color and Path shelf. Use Control to Select Measure Names in the Details section and Drop it onto Color and Path.

Add Measure Names to both the Color and Path shelf

Adjust the size.

Increase the Line Size of Tableau Gradient Bar Chart

Select the Label shelf, check the Show mark Labels option, and change the Marks to Labels option from All to Line Ends.

Add labels to Lines

Change the Color Palette as per the need.

Tableau Gradient Bar Chart 11

Sort the Tableau Gradient Bar Chart.

Tableau Gradient Bar Chart 12