Power BI Dashboard Settings

In this article, we show you the Power BI Dashboard Settings available for you. For this demonstration, we will use Sixth Dashboard available in my workspace.

View Reports 1

Power BI Dashboard Settings

To change this Power BI dashboard settings, click on the … button on the top right corner, as shown below. Next, select the Settings option from the context menu.

Power BI Dashboard Settings 2

Select the Settings option open the dashboard settings window.

  • Dashboard Name: You can change the dashboard name.
  • Q&A: It allows the user to ask questions about the data. It is very useful to generate complete visuals by using natural language.
  • Dashboard tile flow: If you enable this option, then the Power BI dashboard automatically adjusts the position of the tiles.
Change Name, Q&A 3

Let me Toggle Q&A to off and Dashboard tile flow to on.

Toggle Tile Flow 4

As you can see from the screenshot below, Ask a question about your data removed from the dashboard. Note that I was unable to capture the tile flow.

Trust me. It works

Power BI Dashboard Settings 5

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