Power BI Basic Filters

Power BI Filters are useful to restrict the data as per the requirements. For example, we can use basic filters to exclude a product from the display or display top/bottom 10 performing records. Let me show you how to create Power BI basic filters with an example.

How to use Power BI Basic Filters

To demonstrate the Basic Filters in Power BI, we will use the Clustered Column Chart we created in our earlier post. As you can see from the screenshot of Power BI below, we used the Country Name as the Axis field, Occupation as the Legend field, and Sales amount as the Value field.

Basic Filters 1

Under the Filters section, you can see the list of filters that are available in Power BI

Add Fields to Visual Level Filters 2

Let me expand the English Country Region Name (in Short Country) to see the filter types.

Visual Level Filters Type 3


Use the drop-down list to see the list of filter types available for dimension.

  • Advanced Filtering: This option helps you to use more advanced options like starts with, ends with, contains, etc.
  • Basic Filters: It is used to perform basic operations.
  • Top N: Use this to find the top 10 records or bottom 10 records.

We want to discuss the basic filters in this example, so let me select the same.

Choose Basic Filtering Option 4

Selecting Basic Filters in Power BI displays the available rows for this column. You can use the checkboxes to select One, None (or All)

Let me select Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The screenshot below shows that the clustered column chart displays the column that belongs to sleeted countries.

Power BI Basic Filters 5

Required Single Selection: It restricts us from selecting one field at a time. Now you can choose only one country name at a time.

Require Single Selection option 6

As you can see, we selected the United States.

Power BI Basic Filters 7

By unchecking the Required Single Selection property, you can select multiple fields.

Multiple Fields for Basic Filtering 8

By clicking that little tiny clear filter button helps you remove the existing filters.

Clear Button 9

Power BI basic Filters on Multiple dimensions

Let me expand the English Occupation column to apply filters on Occupation.

Power BI Basic Filters 10

Let me select the Management, Professional, and Skilled Manual fields as the basic filtering values. As you can see from the screenshot below, it displays 4 countries that we selected in Countries Filters and Three occupations that we chosen now.

Power BI Basic Filters 11

This time, we are selecting a single field, i.e., Skilled Manual.

Choose Value to see the changes in a chart 12

Delete Power BI Filters

Click on the tiny little Clear filter button to delete existing filters. For the demo purpose, let me delete the filter on the Occupation field.

Click the Clear button 13

You can see that the Occupation field has no Filters

Power BI Basic Filters 14

Let me remove the filters on the Country

Clear one kore field 15

Now you can see there are no filters in this Clustered Column Chart.

Power BI Basic Filters 16