Create Power BI Workspace

Power BI Workspace is a collection of Dashboards, Reports, Workbooks, and Datasets. The workspace is the complete work area of your organization. In this article, we show you how to create Power BI Workspace with a practical example.

Before we start creating Power BI Workspace, let me show you the list of currently available ones. As you can see from the screenshot below, currently, there is only one available for this account. It is the default workplace created by the Power BI service.

How to Create Power BI Workspace

Please click on the Create App Workspace to create a new in Power BI

Create an app Workspace 1

Clicking it opens a new window to define it.

  • Name your workspace: Please specify the unique and valid name.
  • Add Workspace Members: You can add a members.
Name Your Workspace 2
  • Public – Anyone can see what’s inside: Anyone in this organization can see this
  • Private – Only approved members can see what’s inside: People added to this can view
Share Workspace Public or Private 3
  • Member can edit content: Allow people to edit the content
  • Members can only view content: Restrict them from editing workspace content.
Create Power BI Workspace 4

As you can see from the screenshot below, we assigned the name as Sample Workspace, restricted members to view (no alter). Next, we also added one of my colleagues, John, as the member.

Create Power BI Workspace 5

Clicking save button creates a New workspace in Power BI called Sample. By default, it opens the following window. Either you can use this window to get data from different sources, or you can skip this page by clicking the skip button.

Create Power BI Workspace 6

Once you click Skip hyperlink, the following window will display. Use this window to create Dashboards, Reports, Datasets, and Workbooks.

Create Power BI Workspace 7

We just created one simple dashboard

Create Power BI Workspace 8

Let me show you the reports or tiles inside this dashboard

Report Inside a Workspace 9

The screenshot below shows the Reports inside it.

Create Power BI Workspace 10

The screenshot below shows you the corresponding dataset. I suggest you to refer Publish reports from Desktop article to publish reports from Power BI desktop.

Create Power BI Workspace 11