Publish Power BI Desktop Reports

In this article, we show you the step-by-step approach to publishing Power BI desktop reports into Service with a practical example. Before you start publishing reports on Power BI Desktop, you have to sign in to your account using Pro credentials.

TIP: I suggest you refer Connect Desktop with Service article to understand the procedure to sign in to Power BI.

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How to Publish Power BI Desktop Reports

Please Navigate yourself to the Home tab, and click the Publish button on the Top right corner.

Click the Publish Button 2

Clicking the button opens a new window called Publish to Power BI. Under the destination section, you have to select the Workspace (if any); otherwise, select the default My Workspace.

Publish Power BI Desktop Reports 3

Please wait until the publishing is finished.

Wait while processing 4

As you can see from the screenshot below, it is published successfully. By clicking the Open Report hyperlink, you can see the Visualization, and by clicking the Quick insights, you can see the data insights.

Let me open the same

Click on Open report or get quick insights 5

Now you can see the above Report inside your Workspace -> Reports tab. Click on Report1 to see the pages inside that Visualization.

Open Workspace to View 6

You can see the pages in it

Publish Power BI Desktop Reports 7