Quick insights in Power BI

In this session, we show you how to get quick insights in Power BI with a practical example. Generally, there are two types of insights. One run on the entire dataset, and the other is to run insights on one particular report (quick insights). Later one allows you to drill down the insights further, too.

For this Power BI Quick insights demonstration, we are going to use the Sixth dashboard. To view this, please click on My Workspace and then go to the Dashboard to Select Sixth Dashboard.

I suggest you refer to the Get Insights article to understand the process of running Power BI algorithms on your dataset (first one). As you can see from the screenshot below, Workspace has only one Pie Chart.

Go to Report to View Analytics 1

Quick insights in Power BI

To get the Power BI Quick Insights of a report, click … on the top right corner and select Open in Focus Mode. Remember, in some versions of My Workspace, there is a button beside that … to enter into focus mode.

Open in Focus Mode 2

Once your report is in Focus mode, you can see the Get Insights option on the top right. Click that button to display the insights based on this report.

Get Quick insights in Power BI 3

Now you can see the quick insights based on this Power BI report

Quick insights in Power BI 4

Like any other report, it allows you to pin these visuals to the dashboard. To Pin any individual visual, hover over that visual and show you the Pin Visual button

Pin to Dashboard 5

Or, if you want to drill down further, more in-depth into the report, select any report. For the quick insights demo purpose, we selected the Donut chart.

Once you select it, Power BI starts displaying quick insights based on this report.

Quick insights in Power BI 6

If you want to Pin this report to the dashboard, click the Pin Visual button in the Top right corner.

Pin Visual Option 7

Clicking the Pin Visual button opens the following window. Let me select the Existing dashboard, i.e., Sixth Dashboard. I suggest you refer to Add Report or Pin Report to dashboard articles to understand these settings.

Choose Existing Dashboard option and click Pin button 8

Within the Fifth dashboard, you can see the Donut Chart that we pinned before.

Quick insights in Power BI 9

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