Power BI Q&A

Power BI Q&A helps you to ask business questions, or data analysis using natural language. In this case, we show you the uses of Power BI Q&A with a practical example. Before we start digging into the Q&A’s, let me show you the existing dashboards in my Power BI workspace.

To view the Power BI Q&A, please click on the My Workspace, and then go to the dashboards tab. From the screenshot below, see that there are five dashboards.

Go to Dashboards under My Workspace 1

In this example, we use the third Dashboard to demonstrate Power BI Q&A. Please click on it to see the reports on this dashboard.

Choose a Dashboard 2

Power BI Q&A

From the screenshot Power BI below, you can see a text Ask a question about your data. It is the place where we can write business-related questions in natural or standard language.

Ask Question about Your Data 3

Once you click on that area, the following window is shown

  1. Exit: Use this button to exit from this window. It will redirect you to the previous dashboard.
  2. Ask a question about your data: You can ask any business or data related question
  3. Suggestions: These suggestions displayed based on the data, or you can Predefine them

Remember, we designed many pages from this dataset. That’s why it is mostly showing those reports. In your case, it might be different. I mean it may show more words like cities, product sales, etc.

Power BI Q&A 4

Power BI Q&A Example 1

Let me select the Pie Chart

Power BI Q&A 5

From the below screenshot, you can see the Pie Chart that was already present in my report.

Power BI Q&A 6

Power BI Q&A Example 2

Other than the predefined scenarios, you can ask your own business questions. Remember, the intellisense is fast enough to provide the suggestions, and also shows the visuals that are best suited for the question. As you can observe, when I typed s, it displays all the possibilities that match S and also drawn a table with martial Status S.

Power BI Q&A 7

Let me select the Sales Amount from Fact Internet Sales

Power BI Q&A 8

The moment I selected the Sales Amount, it is displaying the Total Sales Amount Card.

Anser to the Question displays in Card 9

Let me ask for sales by country

Power BI Q&A 10

You can see the Bar Chart displaying the Sales by Country.

TIP: You can use the Pin button on the top right corner to Pin this visual to Dashboard. And, you can use Visualization, Filters, and Fields tabs to customize this visual as per your requirement.

Q&A return Bar chart 11

Example 3

This time sales by color

Power BI Q&A 12

Question and Answer Example 3

In Power BI Q&A, by clicking the term underlined with yellow color, you can replace it with another field. Let me select Sales, and replaced it with Total Product Cost

Power BI Q&A 13

Now you can see the Bar chart displaying Total product Cost by Color

Power BI Q&A 14

You can also try to replace the Color term.

Power BI Q&A 15

Power BI Q&A Example 4

This time we use a regular question. I mean, a standard question and it is displaying the result.

Power BI Q&A 16