Publish App in Power BI

Let me show you the step-by-step approach to Publish App in Power BI with a practical example. Before we start publishing the app, let me show you the existing dashboards in my workspace. For this Publishing App in Power BI demonstration, we are using Sample Workspace.

Please click on the Sample Workspace, and then go to the dashboards tab to see the list of available dashboards. As you can see from the screenshot below, currently, there is only one dashboard in this workspace.

Publish App in Power BI 1

How to Publish App in Power BI

To publish App in Power BI, please click on the Publish App button on the top right corner. I suggest you refer to dashboards and Create a Workspace article to understand the Power BI workspace creation.

Publish App in Power BI 2

Clicking the Publish App button opens the following Power BI window. Under the Details section,

  • Description: Please provide a valid description of this App. It is a required field so, you have to fill something here.
  • Background Color: Please select the background color of this App. By default, Green selected.
Publish App in Power BI 3

We added the description and changed the App color to red.

Add Description to App 4

Under the Content tab, specify the App landing page

  • Specific Content: If you select this option then use the dropdown list to select the dashboard
  • None: There is no landing page
Specify the App Landing page 5

Let me select the New dashboard as the landing page

Publish App in Power BI 6

Under the Access tab

  • Permissions: Either you can give access to the entire organization or a few individuals or groups.

For this publish app demo, we selected Specific individuals or groups and added Kishore.

Publish App in Power BI 7

Once you completed, please click the Finish button.

Publish App in Power BI 8

Click Publish button to publish Power BI app.

Publish App in Power BI 9

Please save the link. This link helps you to open the App. For now, let me click the Get App button.

Save Link or URL of the App 10

Clicking that button takes you to the following window. If this is not the case, click on the Apps tab inside the left navigation bar.

Publish App in Power BI 11

Sometimes it may open like below. Here, you can click Sample Workspace and see the dashboard inside it.

Publish App in Power BI 12

Hover over this app to edit, delete, and add to favorite

Edit, Delete, or Mark App as Favourite 13

Let me open the URL that we copied in my IOS device. Remember, you have to download the app from the App Store or Google Play store.

Publish App in Power BI 14

You can see the Sample Worksheet inside our Apps. Click that app to find the data

Open Workspace in Mobile App 15

Check the dashboard inside our mobile.

Publish App in Power BI 16