Power BI Clusters

In this section, we show you how to create Power BI clusters with an example. To explain this Clusters concept, we are going to use the Scatter Chart that we created earlier.

For this Power BI clusters demonstration, we are going to use the SQL Data Source that we created in Connect to SQL Server article and Scatter Chart.

Power BI Clusters 1

Create Power BI Clusters

Please click on the … (3 dots) on the top right corner of the chart to see the Clusters option. As you can see from the Power BI screenshot below, we selected the Automatically find Clusters option from the menu.

Power BI Clusters 2

Clicking the Automatically find Clusters option opens the following Clusters window

  • Name: Use this text box to rename the default generated clustered name
  • Field: Field or Column that you used for Clustering
  • Description: Write a meaningful description that describes this cluster.
  • Number of Clusters: By default, Auto is selected. However, you can specify any integer value

For this Power BI cluster demo, we are leaving all the default values. So, let me click the OK button

Power BI Clusters 3

An auto option has generated three clusters

Power BI Clusters 4

Edit Power BI Clusters

You can edit the cluster in two ways. Under the Visualization tab, click the down arrow beside the Cluster, and select the Edit Cluster option from the menu.

Power BI Clusters 5

Or, please select the Cluster that you want to edit, and right-click on it opens the context menu. Please select the Edit clusters option from it

Power BI Clusters 6

Clicking the Edit clusters option opens the following window. Use this window to change as per your requirement.

Power BI Clusters 7

Let me change the default three to six

Power BI Clusters 8

Now you can see, it has generated six different clusters

Power BI Clusters 9

Delete Power BI Clusters

Please select the Cluster that you want to delete. Next, right-click on it and select Delete option from the context menu.

Power BI Clusters 10

Confirm Delete

Power BI Clusters 11

Create Manual Power BI Clusters

It is the same as the first example, but this time we are changing the Number of Clusters value from Auto to 5.

Power BI Clusters 12

and you can see the 5 clusters

Power BI Clusters 13

Let me use this cluster on another (different) report. For this, we created a Bar Chart using Postal Code Cluster (newly created) and Sales Amount

Power BI Clusters 14

Like normal columns, you can also Filter Clusters

Power BI Clusters 15