Power BI Dashboard Introduction

This article is an introduction to Power BI Dashboard. When you open or logged into a Service, you can see the Default Power BI dashboard.

Power BI Dashboard is a collection of reports that explains everything about the business. If this is your first time, then the Dashboard displays the below page.

Power BI Dashboard Introduction 1

Power BI Favorites

If you find something interesting, I mean a report or a dashboard, then you can add them to favorites for quick access. Those items will display in this section. I suggest you refer to the favorites article to understand the addition of boards and reports to Power BI favorites.

Dashboard Favourites 2


Same as Recent files in Windows. It displays the reports, dashboards that we have seen recently.

Power BI Dashboard Introduction 3

Power BI Apps

Apps are a collection of reports and dashboards that helps you to analyze the business. This section displays the available Apps.

Apps in a Dashboard 4

Shared With Me

If someone in the organization shared a report or dashboard with you, then those shared items displayed in this section. Please refer to Share a Dashboard, and. Share a Report article to know about the sharing options.

Power BI Dashboard Introduction 5


Power BI Workspace is a collection of Dashboards, Reports, Workbooks, and Datasets. It displays the workspaces that are available for this account. I suggest you refer to Create Workspace article to understand the creation of a workspace.

Power BI Dashboard Introduction 6

My Workspace

This is the default workplace created by the service, and this is the default one too.

If you are opening this Service for the first time, then it may display the below shown page. You can use this page to import data for creating visualizations.

Power BI Dashboard Introduction 7

By clicking the Skip button, or clicking the My Workspace tab opens the following window.

  • Dashboards: This section display the Power BI dashboard (s) that are available in this workspace. Using the create button, you can create one too. I suggest you refer to Create it article.
  • Reports: Reports tab display the Reports that are available in this workspace. Using the create button, you can create a new report also. I suggest you refer to Create a Report article.
  • Workbooks: This section displays the Workbooks available in this workspace. It means, Excel workbooks that you uploaded (not imported) into the workspace. I suggest you refer Upload Excel Files article.
  • Datasets: This section displays the list of available datasets. You can create a Dashboard using the create button.
Power BI Dashboard Introduction 8

Create a Power BI Dashboard

In this section, we show you how to create a Power BI dashboard with a practical example.

Before we start creating, let me show you the list of dashboards that are currently available in my Power BI workspace. As you can see from the screenshot below, currently there are none available in my workspace.

Creating it is easy and straightforward. You have to use the + Create button for creating a dashboard inside your workspace.

Create a Power BI Dashboard 2

To create a new, click the Create button, and then select the Dashboard option from the context menu.

Click Create a Dashboard Button 3

Selecting the option opens a Create pop-up window. Please specify the name as per your requirement.

For now, we are assigning the Power BI name as Sample Dashboard

Assign Name to newly created Dashboard 4

Now you can see the Sample under the My Workspace section in the left pane.

View Dashboard under My Workspace 5

Let me navigate to My Workspace. Under the Dashboards tab, you can see the newly created one.

Create a Power BI Dashboard 6