Create a Report in Power BI Workspace

How to create a report in Power BI Workspace with a practical example? Before we start creating a report, let me show you the existing reports in my workspace.

To view them, please click on the Power BI My Workspace and then go to the Reports tab. As you can see from the screenshot below, currently, there is only one report in my workspace.

Create a Report in Power BI Workspace 1

How to create a Report in Power BI Workspace

You have to use the + Create button on the top right corner to create a report inside your workspace.

Click the Create Button 2

In order to create a new Power BI report, click the Create button, and then select the Report option from the context menu.

Choose Report Option 4

Selecting the Report option opens a new window called Create report. Here, you have to select the dataset that you want to use for this report.

Use Import new data to import or create a new dataset

Click Import New Data link 5

For now, we are selecting the Report 1 dataset

Select Create button 6

Clicking the Create button opens the following window. Here, you can create your own visuals.

black space with available tables under fields section 7

For the Create a Report in Workspace demonstration purpose, we created a Pie Chart. Once you have finished creating a report, click on the Save button

Create a Report in Power BI Workspace 8

Clicking the Save button opens a new window called Save Your report. Please provide the report name

Enter Name and Click Save 9

Now you can see the report that we created inside the Reports tab

Create a Report in Power BI Workspace 10

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