Share a Report in Power BI

In this article, we show you the step by step approach to share a report in Power BI across your organization with a practical example. Before we start sharing Power BI reports, let me show you the existing reports in my workspace.

To view them, please click on the My Workspace, and then go to the Reports tab. As you can see from the screenshot below, currently there are three in my Workspace. In this Share a Report in Power BI example, we will. distribute the selected RPT1. Let me open this to see the visuals in it.

View Reports in My Workspace 1

How to Share a Report in Power BI

From the below workspace screenshot, there are 22 pages in this.

Share a Report in Power BI 2

In order to distribute this, click on the Share button on the top right corner.

Click on the Share Button 3

Clicking the button opens the Power BI Share Report window.

  • Grant To: Please provide the Email Ids to whom you want to exchange.
  • Optional Message: You can write a Custom Message
  • Allow the recipient: This allows the recipient to distribute this with other people in his team.
  • Send Email Notification to recipient: Sends an email about this.
  • Share report with Current Filters and Slicers: It distribute this along with the Filters that I applied, and Slicers that I used.
Share a Report in Power BI 4

Let me share this with Kishore, who is working in the same organization

Share a Report in Power BI 5

You can see that it is successful.

Share a Report in Power BI 6

Let me open the Power BI service with the Kishore account

Share a Report in Power BI 7

Under the Shared With Me tab, you can check the Report that was send by the user Suresh.

Go to Shared with me tab to view 8

You can click on that to see the Visuals

Share a Report in Power BI 9